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Thread: J-3 Cub Almost RTF No Battery Reviews

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    J-3 Cub Almost RTF No Battery Reviews

    A very disappointing model
    I give this model 1 star because the system won't go any lower. I could not be more disappointed with a product. The model itself arrived as advertised and in fine shape. It did however come with two right horz stabs and I had to wait for Hobby Lobby to send me a new tail which they did without question. Once the new tail arrived it did not take very long to put together. I wanted to use it as a 4 channel trainer. The model taxi tested just fine, it appeared to go straight. But when I tried to take off it would veer one direction or the other. I could not figure out what the issue was other than bad design. The tail wheel wants to roll over. So after an hour of take-off attempts and two replacement props I gave it the-ol hand launch. If I had left the throttle off it wouldn't have hit the ground as hard. I checked the CG and the control surfaces prior to flight and they both checked fine. My biggest mistake was not following my own rules for internet purchase. Check the reviews!! So take advantage of my experience and stay away from this aircraft. Now, with that said, I have not contacted Hobby Lobby yet and let them know how disappointed I am. I will update this review after I hear from them.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Coalson, Mike

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    Re: J-3 Cub Almost RTF No Battery Reviews

    Plane J-3 Cub EPO
    Today was my first flight with this plane. The props that come with this plane ain't worth the plastic that they are made of. The plane at first handled really good until I made a "LOOP" when I was pulling up out out of the Roll, the struts came unglued. my plane floded up like a butterfly and do I need to say what Happened! The tiny little wing rod isn't heavy enough. The struts didn't have enough glue on them to hold down a fleas Butt! Now I've got a pile of airplane to try to put back together, unless ya'll send me a new one, or a new cockpit two wings, and I think I can manage to try it over again... I highly recommend anyone purchasing this model to re-glue everything, because those people in "CHINA" ain't doing it !!!.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Mount, Michael

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    Re: J-3 Cub Almost RTF No Battery Reviews

    Pretty to look at!
    What can I say about this plane? One of the prettiest models I have seen. Would look very nice up on a shelf or hanging from the ceiling or something. Please be careful as you unpack it as it pieces may fall off during assembly. The glue sticks to the paint very well, however the paint does not stick to the Styrofoam very well at all. This thing will fall apart in the sky if you are not very careful and go over ALL glue joints after removing the paint. If you want a beautiful ready to fly airplane kit that can easily assembled over and over again, this is the plane for you. No wonder it has been discontinued. I have yet to get this thing to fly! I am and experience RC pilot with foam 3D, EDF and helo experience. This thing literally fell apart in my hands, cheap plastic and painted before it was glued made everything unreliable. Had a bad aileron servo right out of the box, hobby lobby support was great and sent me 2 new ones, a sign of things to come?? Well everything is back together after the first attempt and I will try it again this weekend. This thing had several other problems, throw your hundred dollars at something else!
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Bailey, Lucian

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