HS-81 Servo
This is a great servo and has plenty of power for most applications, but the gears are easy to strip. Out of 5 servos that I have, I striped the gears in one servo just installing it because it hit the end of it's travel on the aileron before it hit the end of it's travel on the servo. I did this while installing the servo and setting it up. This is the first servo that I have had that stripped the gears this easy. Other then that, it is a great servo and has a lot of power for it's size. Just make sure you never hit the end of the control travel before you hit the end of the servo travel. I think metal gears will be going in the servo when I replace the gears. Then it should be a super servo. Also, don't let anyone move the control surface with this servo, or the gears will be stripped. The best thing you can do for this servo is get the metal gears and install them. Then you will have one of the best servos on the market. I gave this servo 4 stars only because of the poor quality nylon gears. The servo would be 5 stars if it had better gears.
I give this product 4 stars. Review by Broberg, Edward