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Thread: FW 190 A-8 FOCKE WULF ARF Reviews

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    FW 190 A-8 FOCKE WULF ARF Reviews

    Alfa Models Focke Wulf FW-190 A-8 Scale ARF Electric
    Great flying model and very true to scale. Easy to fly, responsive and looks great in the air. Very easy to assemble and set up. I modified the kit with a functional rudder and added a bomb drop and I recommend a 100w brushless set up. Also recommend a magnet set up for the battery hatch. 10 min flights at scale-like speeds on an FMA 3s 950 Lipo or Thunder Power 3s 1300. I liked this model so much I bought another.....
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Caso, Robert

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    Re: FW 190 A-8 FOCKE WULF ARF Reviews

    The wolf
    I run this plane with a 400xt outrunner motor and esky digital servos (my favorites) . It has a Jeti ESC and a TW radio. I added a functional rudder but don't really use it in flight. It is a very nice flying airplane, but it does fly very fast and reacts NOW to stick inputs. Not for the beginner. I set it up with the ailerons up 1 mm as per instructions. The quality is top notch. It could be a little bit more robust though. The elevator was broken right out of the box, a simple epoxy fix, but still. Only one complaint---like usual, it went on sale a week after i paid the full price for it. Overall I'm very pleased with the FW190 A-8 airplane--I guess I should be, My grandfather flew one in the Luftwaffe during WW2 and he survived to tell the tale.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Cyliax, Jim

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    Re: FW 190 A-8 FOCKE WULF ARF Reviews

    It is well worth the money.
    The Alpha FW-190 is a great looking and great flying plane. I am on my second one (the first was lost due when the battery came loose, won’t do that again!). I originally bought the plane for the looks and was not expecting anything special as far as flight characteristics. I was pleasantly surprised by the docile and smooth handling. The FW-190 was solid at high and low speeds. The only thing that I would have liked for it to have is a rudder. I am adding a rudder to the one I am currently building to replace the original. Power was excellent with the recommended motor and battery. This is a great small scale model and a must have for the FW-190 fans out there.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Scoggins, Chris

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    Re: FW 190 A-8 FOCKE WULF ARF Reviews

    FW 190
    Great flying plane! My first foamie, but very impressed. Used an axi 2208-26 with a jeti 12 controller and a 2 cell "twenty" lipo. Micro os5 receiver with hs81 futaba servos and a 9x7 4-blade prop with replaceable blades which prove great after a branch strike. It came in a whole ounce underweight (according to the instructions) it's at 13 oz. flights with this configuration great at half throttle and pulls 11-12 amps which is the rated for the controller. Full military throttle pulls 18-20 amps (a bit high for the controller but shorts bursts don't seem to hurt) and will literally pull the plane straight up out of your hand. I used the medusa power analyzer II on the ground to arrive at the current draw and may be a bit different on board during flight.
    The great thing about foamies is they don't sink when the crazy pilot clips a branch and the plane falls into the lake. In my horror, I ran to the thing and it was floating as if were sitting in dry ground. I fished the broken cowl out of the water, dried it carefully and during the week in which i was afraid to start it up again i made a trip to the store in Brentwood, Tennessee, and got another cowl. luckily all systems still work.
    To remedy the inevitable creases and dings, use a piece of scotch tape for big ones and some similar color model paint. for small ones, use some testors' silver in the nick to give it a cool, weathered, used look as if were in battle.
    It carries the flycamone on occasion but can't stomach to fit the flycamone2 as it is a low winger and the v2 seems a bit fragile for an underwing mount.
    My next will be the BF-109 or the Nakajima Hayate, 'cause enemy planes are cool!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by venters, michael

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