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Thread: Funster Telemaster V2 ARF

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    Funster Telemaster V2 ARF

    very good!it my like
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by li, jaky

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    Re: Funster Telemaster V2 ARF

    One of my FAVORITE Planes!!!!!
    This plane is a dream to fly! The flaps and low wing make this a great low wing trainer or just a darn good, fun flying plane. Flies great on 4-5S packs, floats in the air and I can average 30 min flight times. THAT'S RIGHT 30 MIN! My record is 45 min and I drive the sailplane guys nuts. Your neck will give out before this plane does.

    I use mine for video and soon for a UAV project. I like to fly aerobatics too and while my batts are charging for my hotrod planes, I love to fly this gem. LOTS of hang time in the air!!!! I never go to the field without it.

    Check out the user groups for builds and tips.

    Funster Videos: YouTube
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by fesus, robert

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