This thing will get some attention!
Where do I start telling you about the joy and excitement that I have had with my Funjet?! I had been looking around for something small and fast that I could fly at my local parks and would be more "Fun" than the Stryrker I had been flying. After searching the forums and asking a lot of questions I decided to buy a Funjet. My set-up: Mega 16/3/2, 4.5X5.5 APC Prop, Phoenix 60ESC, HS-65MG's, 3S 2200 25C lipos and an AR6100.

Building the Funjet is easy and fast. When you open the box everything is nicely and safely secured. Part count is low and nothing is tricky. I used thick CA and 20 minute epoxy for the build. I should mention that the foam will take most standard spray paints. ( I painted my wing tips black). Pieces literally fall into place and the build can easily be completed in one evening. The Funjet comes with a full decal set which really makes the Funjet look like a HotRod!

Now for the Flight Report!! I have to say that the first time taking out the Funjet I was a bit nervous, I mean I have seen videos of this thing burning a hole in the sky! So I head out to the local park and get her ready to fly! Getting the CG correct is easy as the Funjet has two marks on the lower wing so there is no guessing where it is. Connect the lipo, check to make sure that the elevon mixing is working correct (Make sure the controls are moving the correct direction!) attach the canopy and we are ready to fly! Nervously I get ready to launch her into the wild blue...power her up to just a hair over 1/2 throttle...and give her a nice solid toss...and all I can say is WOW!! The Funjet pulls away like a rocket...and only took one click of trim and she is tracking like its on rails! Roll rate is incredible and can be tough to keep up with if you aren't ready for it! Now for the really fun stuff....Wide Open Throttle!! This thing HAULS!! Speed has got to be close to 100 MPH on this set-up! Vertical is unlimited and the Funjet has a great sound as it eats up the sky! Loops both inverted and upright can be as big or as small as you want them to be. Flight times with my set-up are about 7-8 minutes depending on how much throttle you use. Landing are a easy too...just chop the throttle and slowly flair the Funjet back to the ground. I try to land on grass to prevent the foam to get damaged.

If you have the need for speed this is your plane!
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Berry, Ben