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Thread: FlyCamOne2 with Extreme Battery Reviews

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    FlyCamOne2 with Extreme Battery Reviews

    Don't walk but run away
    This is a cheap flimsy camera that has battery issues, and the mounting with the battery pack provided leaves little to be desired. You don't get good quality for the money. A lot of better cameras are on the market for this price, and they are more reliable. This would only suit a foamy park flier who has no other options.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Rosypal, Richard

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 with Extreme Battery Reviews

    Hobby Lobby is hurting, so they stick on charges they don't disclose on returns!!!!!!!!!!
    I requested an RMA to return this defective garbage and the so called customer service witch, gave me 4 days of nonsense questions back and forth in the email, and then finally gave me an RMA for return. What this lousy distributor doesn't tell you is they charge you a 15% restocking fee, and no one else does that ever.
    I've filed a dispute with my credit card naturally. Show me on the site where it says they can charge a restocking fee on returns? It wasn't on my invoice online when I ordered and it's no where on the site, I looked.

    This camera isn't suitable for the hobby. It's cheesy, fragile, and has serious battery issues, hence the free battery in the deal to make you think you have enough record time, and you don't!
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Rosypal, Richard

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