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Thread: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

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    FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    FlyCamOne 2
    Recently purchased FCO2 for primarily KAP (kite aerial photography) and my Superfly RC. I have to say that I'm very disappointed with the results. Unless you are flying in optimal lighting conditions, this camera produces very poor resolution and extremely grainy results. Even in good light, the still exposures are hit and miss and require substantial Photoshopping to produce something acceptable. Video has trouble transitioning as exposure changes and seems to drop a frame regularly. I compared the results with my Nokia cell phone and it produces better results in both video and stills mode. Firmware upgrades are also more complex to achieve than they should be and can be extremely frustrating for the beginner. For the investment (I paid $149.00 including 2 gig card - Australian dollars) I wouldn't recommend the FCO2. Summary: excellent concept, poor execution.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Lowe, Gary

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    Great product, but with issues
    I picked this camera up about a year ago and got some good flight video with it. The still picture quality is really lackluster, but the video quality was actually quite good. So I would recommend sticking with the video mode, unless you just really need to take some still pics at altitude and don't have a better camera available to use.

    However, on the downside, mine was very glitchy. Even on a full charge, it would randomly stop recording in flight (presumably due to vibration or maybe just poor connections on the internal electronics). Anyway, about 5 months after I bought, it got to where it wouldn't stay recording for more than 30 seconds after the start of a flight. I"m not sure if it's an issue with the battery, or if it's maybe just that whatever problem was leading it to shut off randomly before just got worse over time.

    In any case, if you want to get some great in-flight footage with a camera that you can attach to most any RC plane or car, then this can be a great option. However, bear in mind that there have been some QC issues, and replacement parts can be difficult to come by and install.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Williams, Matt

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    What a Great
    What a Great Gadget! And what Great flight videos it makes! I was very impressed by the ease of use and extremely happy of the video results. As a matter of fact I am watching one now and it is GREAT! hard to believe something that is the size of a small Cellphone cant take such great video. And better still when watching the videos it is like you are sitting in the plane. Take a look at the video I made and posted on YouTube:
    I highly recommend this and plane to use it every time I fly.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Yenney, Mitch

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    Neat Product
    I've mostly used this mounted to the wing of a large electric model (72" span DHC-2 Beaver) to take movies at our flying field. The quality is good and you can't beat it's size and weight. It has a lot of features that I haven't used so it can be used in many different applications. You can even hook a servo to it to move the lens so you can shoot over a range of motion (shoot down or forward). The interface software for the PC is a little tricky, but it's plug and play on my Mac.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Kayser, Vince

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    Bullet Proof Camera
    I purchased this camera quite some time ago, and I love it. I was flying on my Avistar when I got distracted, and powered in a nose dive straight to the ground, which destroyed my plane. The FlyCamOne2 was mounted and running at the time. When I crashed it totally destroyed my plane, and it hit so hard that a single blade of grass penetrated one of the ailerons ( Video: ). The FlyCam survived breaking only the control horn, and damaging the servo. A New Servo and Control arm, and off flying again. I love to fly with the camera mounted to my Multiplex Magister. I have never noticed any control difference of flying with or without the camera, as the camera seems to made to follow the airflow with the least amount of drag.

    I made a cable to power the camera off of my plane, and this works great, as I do not have to recharge after every flight, and all I have to do between flights is swap (or download) the video and go back flying. The camera "Works Great, Lasts Long Time"

    Positive Notes:
    1.) Very hardy, survives crash when plane doesn't
    2.) Easy to program once you learn the routine
    3.) Does not appear to affect control ability of the airplane
    4.) Easy to mount on the airplane, and even though it has a backup tether, I have never needed it (but I use it).
    5.) Show your field and area like never before: ( )

    Negative Notes:
    1.) Only 640 X 480 Resolution, Would like to see DVD quality video
    2.) The control horn is not available for purchase as a spare part (at least not at this time).
    3.) Onboard battery does not seem to last as long as I think it should, and from you computer, takes a while to charge. (but this does not bother me, as I power from my plane anyway).

    1.) Great Product for the price
    2.) Easy to used once you learn it
    3.) Fun Videos to work with.
    4.) Best used with a big wing airplane, as this seems to be a better stable video platform.

    I have no regrets on this product, What I would like to see is more resolution (DVD Quality), Higher Capacity Card (SDHC vs SD).
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Campbell, John

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    FlyCamOne 2
    I´m sorry to say, this product was really dissapointing for me. I bought it with the 2gig card, the remote servo and remote trigger cable. The camera was powered with its own battery and the rest were powered from the receiver at 5 volts. The camera only worked for about 12 photos whe I was installing it to the plane, the remote trigger cable stoped working at the fourth photo. The camera still turns on and shows the different modes on the screen, but it doen´t shoot any photos or video when you press the button.
    The only equipment that still works is the servo and the 2gig card. Very dissapointing product, very bad quality.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Giant Club GH-12115, John Canahuati

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    Decent camera for beginners in AV/AP
    This camera isn't top-of-the-line, but its great for someone like me who is just getting started into Aerial photograph and video. Its small and light, and its not going to be devestating if you crash and break it, since its fairly cheap.
    The video and picture quality could be better, but its about what I expected from a tiny camera that costs under $100. If you're looking for crystal clear picture, this probably isn't for you. But, if you just want to have fun, and not worry about destroying an expensive camera, this should keep you happy.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Kurtis

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    FlyCam one 2
    I love this camera. It is so easy to set up and so light that you could mount it almost anywhere. The cam takes nice pictures I just have to figure out how to mount it on my PIPER J3 CUB with 26cc gas engine.Vibrations are making the video to wave. That is all. Great for the price.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bozik, Marcel

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    Aerial Photography
    I ordered one of these for my Dad because I heard that it was the newest, greatest thing out there in Aerial Photography... I found that the reviews were a little more positive than they should have been. Although the camera is extremely light and easy to fit in any of the planes that I have ever flown, it felt really cheap and poorly made in my hands. I was hoping that the video quality would be better than was as well. I found a $120 Kodak camera at Wal-Mart that works much better. The FlyCam is much lighter but I would gladly put up with the weight if it means that I will have better quality. It seems that for the price, the manufacturer could have put a higher quality lens / higher Megapixels. Overall, I would say that this was not the best thing that I have bought for my hobby.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Horn, Tyson

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    Re: FlyCamOne2 V2 Micro Video Camera Reviews

    Fun little camera!
    The FlyCamOne2 is a lot of fun. I've flown mine on several different airplanes and had great results. The video is decent quality and the stills aren't bad. My only complaint would be the battery life. I wish it would last longer. The support is great with the website offering firmware updates and FAQs.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Grose, Andy

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