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Thread: FlyCam One 3 Coreset V.2 Reviews

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    FlyCam One 3 Coreset V.2 Reviews

    Everything could be better
    I am stuck by how much better it could be.
    I have several cameras, some wireless, some not, some expensive, some not, but this camera truly stands out. I can remember being so obsessed with wanting more. It almost provides the features is could and should, like the ability to read the LCD info panel without a magnifying glass, or, if you could read it, some sensible interface would be my next request. How the heck are you supposed to run this thing outside? If the sun is out it is worse yet! Perhaps this is meant for those large indoor aircraft.
    The stepping of the adjustable swivel head will always stop just a bit off from where you want it, the video is just a bit worse than you’d hoped, the low-light capabilities aren’t, and the ability to flip the flippin video would be a nice touch considering someone somewhere may want to mount the thing under the wing. Of course, this may be a feature, except the printed manual is in almost the same point size as the instruction on the LCD screen, so, if you are over 40, you are not going to read it anyway.
    I also have the FlycamOne, that is why I bought this one and this one is why I will buy the next one, almost there, almost there…..
    Buy it, I cant stand to be alone in my anticipation of something better.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by clark, stacey

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    Re: FlyCam One 3 Coreset V.2 Reviews

    it's amazing
    it's amazing
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Kevin, rong

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