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Thread: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

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    F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    New EPO F9-F Panther Jet
    I'm happy to see a very nice straight winged 1950s Era jet in EPO!!! Thank You Hobby-Lobby!! EXCELLENT! I can not wait to purchase this one in October! I'm sure this F9-F EPO Panther will be in my hanger longer than the EPS foam Starmax Panther I purchased a year ago!

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Peters, Chris

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    Better then star max?
    I had the star max version and i had tons of problems with it. There is nowhere to hold this plane for a successful hand launch, its just a bad design. Most of us don't have pavement to take off/ land from, we have to fly in parks or fields. My star max panther flew like a brick. Not a very pleasant flying experience at all. Hopefully hobby lobby did a better job with their new version.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Sal Scribs, Mike

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    Fun little jet!
    I've logged about a dozen flights on my Panther so far and have really enjoyed it. It flies much like the Skyblazers EDF (they have the same motor/ fan setup and are about the same size). I will say I had a tough time balancing the Panther though. The stock 1600 pack has to be shoved way into the nose, so far in fact that it's past the installed battery strap. Also the flight times at or near full throttle are less than 4 minutes to LVC. I've switched to 3s 2100 TP packs on it and they have worked out much better on flight time and balancing. My Panther needed to balance about 1/4" ahead of the recommended CG to get rid of the quirky stall characteristics.

    Also, several people on RCG (including me) had trouble with the stock ESC overheating in flight. If this happens, the fan will "stutter". Some went ahead and replaced the ESC, but I found that cutting the zip tie that holds it and shifting the ESC back into the airstream next to the inlet gets cooling air over it and gets rid of the problem.

    I also suggest cutting a hole in the underside of the nose to allow battery cooling, otherwise there's no air circulation in the nose area due to the inlets being on the wings.

    Due to the above issues I'm giving it 4 stars, it's a great flyer but it does need some tweaking.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Wright, Francis

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    Impressed with airframe quality
    I just got the F9F and am very impressed with the quality of the airframe, and the packaging. Will be building tonight and hopefully flying in a week or two. For the price of $110, I didn't expect the plane to be this nice. I hope the power system is adequate and not underpowered.

    More info to come soon.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Zabetian, Mahboud

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    great delivey not so great flight
    Shipping was fast less than 7 days, plane goes together easy a nice build, bypass the included glue and use foam safe Gorilla glue, the supplied epoxy is weak, plane is extremely tail heavy CG is way off with Battery pushed as far as it will go and 3-4 Oz of weight still cannot hand launch this plane, It goes straight up and stalls, will have to wait or create some landing gear as you cannot hand launch this plane, I would have given it a 4 if I could get it in the air, will keep trying to get a flight out of it.

    (Edit Note from HL: The CG is correct. This customer was hand Launching the plane incorrectly. See this video to learn how to hand launch EDF jets of this type. )
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by G, Mike

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    Get one!
    I have to agree with the previous reviewer that the CG was off from the factory, and will add that this airplane is VERY sensitive to even small changes in CG. Many planes will fly reasonably well with CG several mm in front of or behind the recommended placement, but with this airplane it MUST be at, or preferably 5 or so mm ahead of the recommended CG in order to fly. If in doubt, build it nose heavy, then slowly subtract nose weight as you get used to the airplane.

    I built the plane with the optional landing gear (so heavy servo and gear in the nose) and with the battery pushed all the way forward. It came close to balancing at the recommended CG, but was nearly unflyable. I was barely able to get it back down in one piece after multiple stalls and the very unstable flight characteristic of a very tail heavy plane. I then put 2 oz of clay in the nose, and WOW! The thing tracked like it was on rails and flew BEAUTIFULLY. Very control-able and smooth with no nasty characteristics. It does slow down a good bit in tight part-throttle turns. If you run out of battery do not attempt to make any significant turns unless you are very high, you will lose TONS of altitude. It glides well even with no power. Landings are very graceful.

    I will also add to be very careful in setting up the elevator throws. It is very sensitive to elevator and more than the recommended up elevator will cause immediate stalls. Just use the factory recommended throws, and no more. In fact, I rarely need to use more than the low range throws, even with aggressive maneuvers.

    The build quality of the kit is beautiful, and it gets lots of compliments. I love the color scheme. It is a rugged and strong airplane. Overall I highly recommend it, just be very careful of the CG and elevator throws.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Darby, Nathan

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    Hello all,
    This jet is cool, I found by using a 4S 2200 Lipo it's balanced perfect and awesome speeds, we clocked it at 85mph, just cut your throw down to about 35% to 40% on the ailerons at these speeds or you will loose it..
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hebert, Clarence P.

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    F9F Panther
    Bought the Panther for my son, who is new at flying. I kept the 1600 mAh batteries, but the plane comes out tailheavy. So, I cut out the battery tray in the front so that the battery could be installed all the way into nose. I coated the inside of the nose with epoxy to make up for shortening the battery tray/stiffener. The model balances out nicely and good space for the batteris. (Note from HL, this is not necessary, the model balances perfectly with the battery all the way forward stock.)
    The plane flies very nice. Slows down for a nice landing. The battery lasts for around 5 minutes. I did not install the optional landing gear. Handlaunching is a little tricky because there is no grip in the fuselage bottom. I have to grip it behind the wing, in the tail section.
    Beautiful plane, good quality, good value, highly recommended.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Sukaria, Husein

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    Great 1st EDF or just for good fun!
    This is my first EDF and I absolutely love flying it. It handles well and has decent speed. I recommend though flying without landing gear as the added weight seems to really create a bad stall situation under low power. Overall this jet rocks and it always gets a lot of oooohs and aaaahs at the field.
    Also to complete this plane out of the box is very quick, no more than an hour or two and your ready.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by McAfoos, Thomas

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    Re: F9F Panther ARF Reviews

    Just made my first flight and all I can say is WOW!! This jet is fast and flies like its on rails. No mods needed and my panther balanced perfect. This jet has plenty of power to take off from grass!!! If you are looking for a jet that will perform stock*** This is the one!! THANKS HOBBY LOBBY
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Wenger, Lester

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