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Thread: F-86, US Air Force, ARF Reviews

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    F-86, US Air Force, ARF Reviews

    I have the smaller version of this plane and i love it. I can only imagine that this one is easier to fly due to it being larger and heavier. Its gotta be much more stable then the original HL saber/mig. I'm definitely going to buy this plane in the future but the price it a little too high for a plug and play. Include a "stock" free wing or power wing battery and we'll talk. $220 bucks seems a little too expensive for no battery or receiver. I think a lot of people are going to wait for a sale on this then pounce.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Scribani, Michael

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    Re: F-86, US Air Force, ARF Reviews

    Buyer Beware
    If I could give HL a 'Zero' for this sale I would. This bird arrived with one dead servo. Despite numerous attempts at contacting HL-Cust-Serv about this, my problem was completely ignored. HL used to be a respectable outfitter, but I guess all that has changed; likewise the servos on this bird are cheap and cheesy. Buyer Beware.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Wilkowske, Art

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    Re: F-86, US Air Force, ARF Reviews

    F-86 Fan robustness
    I'm amazed at how none of the demo videos ever show the true flying experience that you have from these inexpensive fans. i.e. every one of these ready to fly fans tends to explode after about the 3rd flight..... assuming of course that your lucky and it doesn't explode before that.

    "Dynamically balanced" does not mean turn it on and let the fan blades grind themselves against the shroud until it no longer grinds !!!

    I'm finished with cheap fans....
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Herrmann, Frederick

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    Re: F-86, US Air Force, ARF Reviews

    Don't waste your money on this airplane! It turns out you MUST have at least a 7 channel radio because you have to 'mix' the elevator servos. If you have a futaba, you have to had at least an 8 channel!

    After assembling the airplane, the elevator servos did not all. I got the servos out and they are fine but the wiring, which is imbedded inside the fuselage and impossible to remove after assembly, was bad. HL sent me two extensions after I complained. They sent 12" and it takes 18". To further complicate things, it is nearly impossible to re-run the extensions as you can't run them 'through' the ducted fan. After digging at the foam with a long piece of wire, I have opened a channel and HOPE I can feed the extensions through there. That is after I go to my LHS for some longer extensions.

    Finally, for whatever reason, the EDF only runs about 45 seconds before draining the 4S 2200mAh batteries I have.

    In a nutshell, this airplane is a POS and the service from HL sucks! They should have sent me a whole new airplane. Lessons learned. It's the LAST time I will buy anything from HL!
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Slaughter, Jim

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    Re: F-86, US Air Force, ARF Reviews

    Don't buy this piece of junk!
    The elevator servo wiring, imbedded in the fuselage, was bad. No way to get it out after assembling the airplane. Contacted HL and they sent new servo extensions. No way to get them past the ducted fan and the extensions they sent are too short!

    The EDF runs through a 2200mAh 4S pack in less than one minute! I've tried 4 different packs.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Slaughter, Jim

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