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Thread: F86 ARF Reviews

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    F86 ARF Reviews

    Great First Jet
    After flying prop driven warbirds, I was interested in getting a small jet. This one is perfect; affordable, easy to put together, and easy to fly. I have only flown it once due to the winter weather but I was impressed by the sheer speed. This thing really gets up and moves. Also, this thing is pretty tough. I cartwheeled one landing and stuck another landing in a snowdrift. Note to others; if you stick a landing in the snow, the drop tanks can get torn off pretty easily. But, with a little glue, they are back on and ready to go again. I highly recommend this plane to others.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Kroeker, Keith

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    Nice little jet
    I was pleasantly surprised when I received this ARF jet. After about an hour I had everything set to go! For the price it is not bad considering you receive all the electronics except for the radio and receiver. It is fairly well built and flies quite well. I am only a novice in the EDF world but found this jet quite easy to fly! It will fly quite stable at lower speeds and when you get the "feel" of it you can open her up to max speed! To sum it up, for the price, you can't go wrong! :)
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bill

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    F-86 edf
    WOW this is one cool flying edf! This is my first edf and it wont be my last!
    Flew the first flight today and I am very pleased with the performance of this plane. It required no trimming in flight and it landed like a trainer airplane. The only issue was that the glue on the canopy magnets did not stick to the foam, I used the epoxy from the kit and fixed it with no problems. I will be returning to Hobby Lobby for my next edf jet!!

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Shone, Nick

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    Great price to yet you into your first EDF
    This is my 3rd EDF (behind a Phase 3 F16 and a BlitzworksRC A10). Of all 3, I think the Phase 3 F16 is the best for a first EDF plane. However the Starblazers F86 is a close 2nd because of 1) the price, 2) ease of assembly, and 3) the EPO foam is very forgiving.

    I do want to note that my kit was missing the manual and the stickers. The assembly is straight forward and I found a PDF manual on RCGroups Ezone Review for this plane so not a huge deal. The nice thing about this plane is that it includes everything you need except your Rx and Tx. The motor, fan, esc, and servos are already installed. The kit even includes a screwdriver, extra screws, clevises, and even glue (very nice of the manufacturer to do include all this). I did have some trouble with the CG. I balanced at the 3” mark to make sure I was a little nose heavy for the maiden. With the included 1600mAh lipo all the way to the nose, I still had to add 1/2oz of weight.

    Successfully maidened today with a hand launch from friends. You do have to give it a really strong throw to get it to a good take off speed. Top speed was moderate, enough to make you pay attention to your flight path, but nothing spectacular. Flight time was only 3 1/2 minutes at ¾ throttle but I was hoping for longer.

    All in all a fun little plane.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Cuthrell, Michael

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    Nice F-86 EDF Jet
    Only been flying RC since Jan 2010. This was my first edf jet. Well packed and good instructions. This plane exceeded my expectations. Have flown 3 successful flights and it flies really well. Excellent!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Smith, Robert

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    Bad A** little plane
    You cannot beat this thing for 100 bucks, great first jet. Not a plane for beginners
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Troncoso, Wenceslao

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    F-86 build
    I have just finished my build of HL's F-86. It would be hard to imagine how it could have been easier. The comment that one-can-build-it-in-an-hour is a bit ambitious, IMO, but not by much. This plane makes for an relaxed afternoon's build with breaks tossed in. Everything, except RX, is provided for the build. While no difficulties were encountered, I might offer a few hints to make the build go more smoothly:

    *The ESC's wires may try to restrict the elevator push rod's travel. It is easy to invent a way to keep the two separate.

    *You might find the holes for the 4 wing hold down screws are TIGHT thus possibly causing difficulty when securing the wing. Give the 4 screws a test install before doing wing installation.

    *As you secure the wing, make sure to not distort the fan's shroud. Clearance between fan blade tips and shroud must be maintained.

    *Save installing the vertical stab for the very last step. Its being out of the way makes performing all the other build steps easier.

    I am looking forward to the maiden. If it goes as well as the build, this will quickly become a favorite plane.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Baker, Glenn

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    Government motors
    It's a beautiful jet but beware of several quality control problems. Upon building mine, i noticed the following issues that needed attention:

    1. The wooden board that mounts your electronics, battery etc. was glued in way crooked, just dealing with that. 2. The elevator servo that's mounted on the board was loose, upon further inspection the assembler stripped 1 screw. 3. My tail was molded crooked, it had a significant bend. I fixed this by heating up with a hair drier and slowly shaped it straight. 4. No hinge tape. This model has metal hinge points but from one hinge to the next (aileron to elevator) a significant amount of play was present. So much so, one of my elevator flaps lifted higher then the other. I fixed this with 3M blenderm hinge tape. Now they're rock solid. 5. The Mounting of the EDF unit is a little hokey. It's actually not glued in place rather it sits in a lip. Upon first power up my EDF clapped loudly as plastic fan blades slapped against the housing. It's since subsided, perhaps initially it was slightly out of round?
    I guess i expected more, but the price was right. I'm starting to think I'm cursed with making online purchases...i always get the defective stuff. Anybody else feel this way?

    In conclusion, owning this model was kinda like buying a used GM car. If you have knowledge and you can work on your ride, its not a problem. If your the kinda person that fills the tank, turns the key and drives, you'll be disappointed.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by The Pizza Guy

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    HL F-86 is a WINNER!!
    I saw Jason Cole fly one at SEFF in the Sport Flyer area. It had nice speed and good vertical performance. I bought one at SEFF and brought it home. I finished putting it together today and test flew it this evening. My version had the new CF reinforcements in the wing and stab and there was no flex that I could see in the air, even on steep dives or hard turns. My only assembly problem was that one of the drop tanks took some X-acto trimming to get it to match the attachment angle of the the other tank. This was a very minor problem and I'm really picky. I'm very satified with my F-86. Great value and excellent performance - what more could you want.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by McDougall, Michael

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    Re: F86 ARF Reviews

    so so experience
    The drop tanks break off on this model even with a seemingly gentle landing on mowed grass. I've glued them back on 3 times now. If you land against the wind and slow the plane down just right they stay on, but we all know that's not always possible I tried just leaving them off but the plane doesn't seem to fly as well. The roll is less stable, the plane dances a bit as it flies due to the short wing span. Seems the tanks help the balance and stability of the plane. I transitioned to this jet after mastering several war birds. I have to say jets are a little boring. Sure they go fast and you can spin like a top but that's pretty much it. Trying to do loops with this model isn't worth the trouble, it falls out of the sky. There's no rudder so its pretty limited. Dare i say i think i prefer the prop jobs.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by The Pizza Guy

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