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Thread: F5-E TIGER "CAMO" ARF Reviews

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    F5-E TIGER "CAMO" ARF Reviews

    This is one of the electric products I have enjoyed more. Everything is done for you, servos installed, extension installed, ESC and BEC installed and connected and motor/fan unit installed and connected too. There´s very little for you to do here, except glue wings, stabs and fin and then install the main retracts and your own receiver and you´re done!
    They even send you a spare fan and cone(spinner) in case you break the one already installed.
    This plane is a floater at low speeds and it is very fast for its size and weight. Mine came out at 36 ounces using the battery that came with the plane and the flights last for about 5 to 6 minutes.
    For JET beginners this is a good choice, I can tell you this because this is my first jet and the F-5 made it easy for me.
    I don´t see any downsides on this airplane, maybe if I needed to change the parts for the motor/fan system I wouls see a complication, but nothing that can´t be done in a few hours. Anyway, the parts come very well put together and, short of a really bad crash, they won´t need changing any time soon.
    Very good product and excellent quality.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Giant Club GH-12115, John Canahuati

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    Re: F5-E TIGER "CAMO" ARF Reviews

    Terrific plane - can't beat it for the price.....
    This is another of the nine EDF planes that I own. I love this plane - I fly it completely stock except that I use my Spektrum DX7 radio and a AR6100e receiver. I have two spare Thunder Power batteries (4s 2250 30C) and I really don't notice much difference between the TP batteries and the stock battery - both perform very well. This is not a fast plane but it looks awesome in the air! Highly recommended and a terrific value considering you get a complete RTF plane with a 4s battery - can't beat it with a stick!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Johnson, Keith

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    Re: F5-E TIGER "CAMO" ARF Reviews

    F-15E Camo!
    I haven't put the model together yet, but what I got really amazed me. I expected an OK looking Foamy but got a large sleek shiny camouflaged jet with rubber wheels!! It looks fast just sitting in the box and is also super light! The packing of the model is superb in its thick foam box. Even after one good ding in shipping, the model itself was unharmed. There is a small instruction photo booklet and fair instructions best suited for the experienced builder or a supervised novice. I can't wait to do the short assembly and then flying of this excellent looking model!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Park, Jim

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    Re: F5-E TIGER "CAMO" ARF Reviews

    One of the best electric ducted fans I've flown. Great power, unreal agility, looks great in the air. Only real issue is the steering nose wheel retracts system. Need to make sure you threadlock the set screws in it, before you tighten them up. They are very weak and will strip if you tighten too much, then it will be loose and hard to steer. Even like that the plane lifts off in a few feet, and lands in even less. I have a ton of videos on youtube of it flying and ended up buying another one when I sold my first one to one of the guys at the field. He flew it well, even though he needs a lot more stick time in. Shows that even learners can fly this plane well.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Nye, Jeff

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    Re: F5-E TIGER "CAMO" ARF Reviews

    This jet looked awesome out of the box and seemed like an excellent deal with battery and retracts included. However after building it we found it was full of defects that made me take it back.

    1) 2 servos were bad
    2) Front landing gear would not lock even with radio trim
    3) Servos were glitchy
    4) Rx would not respond to radio consistently (loose wire)?
    5) Battery door would not stay secure
    6) 1 retract would not close all the way down flush with the body

    Good points
    1) Awesome size
    2) Nice camo paint job
    3) Retracts and battery included
    4) great price for what you get if mine had worked ok!

    I took mine back and did not get another. Overall the whole plane is made with the cheapest possible components to justify the price. I'd pay a bit more for a little higher quality. I don't believe in ripping out stock items and replacing with custom. Kind of defeats the object. They should come out with just the plane and allow us to add our own flight gear in that case.

    I give this product 1 stars. Review by B, MAT

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    Re: F5-E TIGER "CAMO" ARF Reviews

    Very good flyer
    I wasn't sure what to expect when I first flew this plane. Its general appearance lead me to believe it would have to fly fast or fall out of the sky. Happily, I was quite wrong. This plane has very gentle stall characteristics and will slow down and float very nicely.

    The model looks great in the air and on the ground and the build is fast and easy. One of the biggest attractions for me was the retracts which push the "cool" factor way up. Coolness aside, retracts on this bird and the others I've got are generally a large pain to set-up and maintain. They will collapse on hard landings and must be tinkered with to keep from stressing the servos. For a bird this size, the main gear in particular are really not quite up to the task.

    Given what you get for its modest price, this is still a plane I'd recommend. It's a great flyer and a super easy build not to mention a well designed and attractive model. If you're looking for a larger 70mm ducted fan jet, this would be a great choice.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Collier, James

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    Re: F5-E TIGER "CAMO" ARF Reviews

    Pleasantly surprising!
    I flew my StarMax F-5 yesterday. Against my better judgment, I maidened in a 13 mph wind. The airplane needed quite a bit of trim (up elevator and right aileron), but flew amazingly well once properly trimmed. At 500 feet agl, I cut throttle to determine the stall speed - she settled into a steep glide path - no stall! At 6.5 minutes, I attempted my first landing run, and aborted due to a longer glide path than I expected. The second landing attempt was spot on, with no power. The LiPo was 121.9 degrees, and the ambient air was 87 degrees. She never hit low voltage cutoff, though the battery was at 14.5 volts, when at rest ( the battery was empty after 6.5 minutes). I imagine I could get longer flight times with better throttle management. All in all, I am very pleased with this F-5.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Kargl, Guy

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