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Thread: F4U-1 CORSAIR ARF "167" Reviews

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    F4U-1 CORSAIR ARF "167" Reviews

    Own the skies with this classic warbird
    F4U-1 Corsair Scale ARF Electric

    If you are a fan of the F-4U Corsair, then seriously consider this airplane!

    I bought the Alfa Corsair wanting more from a park flier than the typical slow stick. I wanted performance but park maneuverability.
    When I got the Corsair out of the box, I was impressed at the build quality. The decals were excellent, and the detail on the aircraft is impressive.

    I chose to run a brushless motor with a 3 cell 1200 mAh battery. Flight times are an outstanding 15 minutes plus, and the performance is unlimited vertical. The plane simply flies like it is on a rail. Every pass down the field seems like a strafing run as this warbird is clearly on the attack.

    This is a quality Alfa product, and its ease of assembly (not construction!) is pure joy. The plane is always a show stopper at the field, everyone comments on its flight performance.

    If you are a Corsair fan as I am, then this plane is a must own.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by B, Jim

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    Re: F4U-1 CORSAIR ARF "167" Reviews

    Love this little plane
    My hangar sports several Alfas: P-51 Marie, Corsair, P-47, Wildcat and a Sabre. For whatever reason, this Corsair is the fastest of them all. It flies beautifully and doesn't climb with power or "balloon." If you're looking for an economical motor, the SK400 with a 9x6 prop will give excellent performance and make hand launches a breeze.

    As with all Alfas, this plane is a beaut right out of the box and since it only requires 2 servos is relatively fast and inexpensive to get in the air. As with all Alfas, keep it light. A 1300mah battery is all you need and will easily give you 10-12 minutes of flight time. I really enjoy all my Alfas but this plane and the P-47 Jug are the best fliers and this one is the fastest.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Collier, James

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    Re: F4U-1 CORSAIR ARF "167" Reviews

    Alfa Corsair
    I've had my kit for over 4 years. Great flying plane. Using the original recommended MP Jet Blue Outrunner (dis) but an AXI is a good substitute. HS-55s all around. Lightweight, fast, and highly maneuverable. Suffers from a lot of hanger rash due to the type of foam but overall a great looking model. Take-offs (hand toss) are a bit difficult but once she's in the air, she handles very well. Landings are also a breeze. Worth the investment.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Lee

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