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Thread: F4U Corsair RTF Reviews

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    F4U Corsair RTF Reviews

    Flying the corsair in the Bahama's
    I also own the T-28 Trojan. What makes these great flyers is the airfoil design. the Corsair is not exact scale. but in the air no one really cares anyway. It will do every thing a scale corsair will do, just a lot easier on the pilot. The big difference will be obvious when you land. It lands like a Cub. (lots of dihedral on the wings). I own an exact scale corsair and they are very difficult to rotate and land correctly. this one from Park Zone is simple to bring home. just like the T-28, cut to 1/4 throttle on final, turn the corner, dead stick will work if there is no wind. this bird will float down with no effort. I highly recommend installing the provided skids in place of the wheels and hand launching and grass landing for your first flights if you are a new warbird pilot. Stay away from the three bladed prop until you know what you're doing. Again, like the T-28 this plane is light and you'll enjoy it more on a calm day. It repairs easily and for the money you just can't find one that flys any better. Hope this helps. good luck young guns, and from the Bahama's no worries.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Lefevre, Logan

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    Re: F4U Corsair RTF Reviews

    Amazing Warbird!
    This is my 3rd RC airplane, and 1st aileron airplane. I was nervous at first, and had a friend maiden her. He is a very experienced pilot and was quite impressed with her flight characteristics. Then it was time for my first 3 axis flight in an RC! She taxied beautifully and lifted into the air without hesitation. After about 5 minutes of gentle figure eights, I was out over a set of hangars when the engine shut off (battery died). I panicked, but quickly regained my cool as, even dead stick, she still performed flawlessly! I was able to make a good approach, flair, and stick the landing! Since I brought it out, a few others have already ordered one for themselves! I would recommend this warbird in a heart beat to anyone with little to no aileron experience, but even those with loads of experience will enjoy flying this airplane. Word to the wise, the Corsair will fly smooth and gently at about 1/3-1/2 throttle. If you are learning, try not to exceed 1/2 throttle or the movement can become too quick (this is a quick airplane!) and difficult to recover from. It leaves plenty of room for growth and experience development!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Massey, Jarrod

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    Re: F4U Corsair RTF Reviews

    Parkzone Corsair RTF
    I purchased my Corsair just over a year ago. I have been flying wing warriors that are three channel elevon controlled planes and an easystar for several years. This is my first four channel model and I had no trouble adjusting to the addition of a rudder.
    I really love this model. I have always flown with the two bladed prop and am very happy with how the model performs. I hand launch the model as the two times I have tried to take off from a paved surface I have ground looped off the side of the runway and have suffered wing damage. I feel that the gear attachment points could be improved. It moves much faster than my slowstick !! and I would reccomend an area larger than a cul de sac to take off from. have had good luck with 5 minute minute epoxy for repairs and have not noticed any performance issues using a repaired wing.
    The model climbs out well, and handles well in the wind. Glide performance is very good and it is easy to land. I would reccomend a three cell 2200 lipo pack for better performance.
    I have had no issues with the performance of the electronics and would reccomend this plane to an intermediate level experience pilot at the very least.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by myers, jon

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