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Thread: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

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    F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    I give this product 4 stars. Review by WHITE, MARVIN

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    Don't buy this
    The tail section is very hard to put together due to none of the screws line up. Very frustrating. Also the speed controller started smoking the first time I plugged the battery in. Pretty nice looking model but not worth the problems.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by wagner, jason

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    art tech corsair
    I like art tech planes, they fly quite nicely and are very simple to complete, usually just a few screws. attaching the tail wheel is a little tricky but otherwise ok. stock motor is a little slow so i remotored mine with a himax 175 watt inrunner and gearbox and that was much better. control surfaces are very responsive and need to be toned down for scale flying. it's also quite big and very nicely finished off
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by birbeck, douglas

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    Great flying warbird!
    This plane is probably easier to fly than most of the other planes in my hangar, trainers included. The stock motor does not have gobs of power, but it has enough for a very short takeoff roll and basic aerobatics. The landing gear can rip out of the foam if you are not careful, but in my opinion it flies better without them anyway. Belly landing with the 3-bladed prop is not a problem as long as you completely chop the throttle just before touch down. I never had any problems with the stock electronics, but opted to upgrade the motor and speed control for more power after 25 or 30 flights.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Payne, Doug

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    The Corsair has always been one of my favorite warbirds and when Art Tech brought one out, I had to have one. Couldn't wait to get it. Mine is still a 72Mhz version, but that's ok. I have not had any radio problems. Like Jason, I too had one he$$ of a time putting the tail together. I have not had any other problems with it. The propellers are not real balanced, but look really cool. It has more than enough power and handles really nice. It flies pretty gentle and steady. The Art Tech Corsair can be flown by a noobie. Overall I'm am real happy with this plane I enjoy just looking at it too. Just take your time with the rear stab assembly, yes there really are plastic nuts buried in the foam!! I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because of the tail and the propeller balance issue. I wish Hobby-Lobby would stock parts for it, like props, landing gears and main wings. I think those parts will have high failure rates.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Cyliax, Jim

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    Sleek flyer
    This is an amazing plane for being a RTF kit. The plane fly’s very well out of the box, with no adjustments needed. The gull wing shape makes this plane my favorite WWll fighter. The wings shape also helps the plane fly excellent inverted and the barrel rolls have a unique accent to them. Another plus, is there is no glue in the building process; so if you break a wing or a rear/vertical stab, you just unscrew, and then screw in a replacement from hobby-lobby; which saves a ton of money.
    Overall, this plane has plenty of power and stability in flight, with good craftsmanship to boot. That's what makes this one, my number one park flyer overall.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rew, James

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    Art Tech F-4U Corsair
    Art Tech did another amazing job with the F-4U corsair. Not as twitchy as the P-51D, the F-4U is much more suitable as a first aircraft that can still bring a lot of satisfaction to the experienced pilot. Predictable in it's handling, taxi, takeoffs and landings are a breeze thanks to tail-wheel steering and a tail-heavy COG when on the ground. In the air, the F-4U's brushless outrunner and three-bladed prop provide more than enough thrust and power to perform any maneuver; vertical climbs, loops, outside loops, Immelmans, split S, you name it, this plane can pull it off. The COG in flight is near perfect out of the box, making controlled inverted flight incredibly easy and less awkward than the P-51D. It's hard to beat this package for the price. This aircraft has become my new favorite in my hangar. The only drawbacks I found were the slow roll-rate and the tight battery compartment which makes aftermarket batteries somewhat of a pain to install and remove.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hicks, Corey

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    I read some of the other reviews and boy was I glad I did before I assembled this unit. The tail section seems to be a point of contention with this model. I'd agree, but don't let that stop you from purchasing this bird.

    Here are some tips on the tail: Use a toothpick to line up the holes for the screws. Install the screws in the front of the tail assy first then the very back, and finally the middle screws.

    I did have a major assy problem with the rudder. The servo arm was not installed correctly. I had to cut the decal with a razor and peel back the panel to the access the servo. I was kind of disappointed because it was supposed to be ARF.

    Don't forget to push the wires through the firewall before you install the wing.

    Otherwise, a very nice model.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Sewell, Jon

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    Assembly Info for Corsair
    I just assembled the Corsair. the tail is the hardest part.

    Here are some tips:

    Use a toothpick to line up the holes in the tail assy. Install the front screws first, but do not tighten all the way. Next, install the back screw (don't tighten yet). Next, install the center screws. Finally, tighten all the screws.

    Mine had a rudder servo arm installed incorrectly from the factory. If this happens to you, cut the along the decal on the right rear side of the fuselage. Peel back the access panel and place the arm where it needs to be (about 12 o'clock).

    Other than a few quirks, seemed to go together really easy.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Sewell, Jon

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    Re: F4U CORSAIR RTF Reviews

    Nice but with its flaws
    The F4U is my favorite aircraft of all time so when I purchased mine I was extremely eager to open up that box and get that ARF up into the sky. The aircraft comes very well packaged and assembly was a snap except for . . . the infamous vertical stabilizer assembly. That leaves a lot to be desired. In my case I had to remove the servo horn and bore it out a bit so the rudder control rod would actually slip into position without having to put enough pressure to snap the airplane in half. Like everyone else’s experience, based on other reviews, the holes were difficult to line up and in the end the plastic rudder flange did not rest seamlessly around the fuselage. There is a gap in the leading edge which puts a blemish on the clean lines of this bird.

    Let’s talk about power. I have read that it has adequate power. I have to disagree. My opinion is that this airplane is grossly underpowered. It is a light aircraft and takes off in a snap but that is no indicator of the overall power of the aircraft. That simply implies that the power to weight ratio is adequate. But once in the air it is a pretty slow flyer keeping it well within the Park Flyer class. Except for one thing, you cannot take off or land this bird in any park unless the grass is as smooth as a golf course putting green. The landing gear although very attractive to the eye will simply not take well to the grass resulting in a nose over situation on takeoff and landing. There is simply not enough weight to deal with any imperfections in the grass. This baby loves a paved runway. She performs beautifully in this environment. You will need to make sure that the landing gear is perfectly straight. Due to a slight imperfection in the landing gear mounts on the wings (a minute degree or two off) results in the aircraft constantly turning to one side on the rollout. I had to torque the landing gear quite a bit to get rid of most (not all) of this misalignment. Due to the slack in the wheels on their axles this sloppiness is inherent.

    Once in the air she handles beautifully. She responds accurately and predictably. The only drawback is the lack of power. No impressive vertical climbs for this baby. Expect more of the “little train that could” (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can – oh darn – I can't). Landings are slow and smooth. There is one more important note. The propellers are made of a pretty shoddy brittle plastic so have a few extras on hand. They are a bit pricey considering the quality and availability is limited.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Angel, German

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