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Thread: F4F Wildcat PNP Reviews

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    F4F Wildcat PNP Reviews

    Just about perfect Cat
    This is about the best mode that ParkZone has produced to date. The outline and appearance of the model are pretty darn close and the finish is perfect. Although the paint feels a little tacky at first after a few flights the skin became resilient. The canopy deck removes easily for all the tasks you will need to perform (which is basically limited to screwing down the wings, installing the aileron servo plugs, and (in the case of BNF) removing the binding plug) prior to flight and also to swap out the battery pack,

    Flight with normal rates is pretty much prototypical loops, axial and barrel rolls, and a rather rumbly spin, Zoom fly-bys and strafing runs are perfectly handled, complete with pilot supplied tak a tak a tak. Good flight durations on the supplied pack and a quick balanced recharge on the supplied 12V DC charger.

    If there is anything that I could ask of ParkZone to improve (well not really improve then, just different) it would be the have the airframe painted in Royal Navy Martlet colors, supply a three bladed prop, and explain that the pilot figure is molded in the way that he is because he is truly having a great time!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Harding, John

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    Re: F4F Wildcat PNP Reviews

    Great Little Plane
    very good looking plane. maiden flight was clean and smooth both flying and landing. Handled turns and loops without any bad habits. Third flight was in bout 9 mph wind and did quite well ! Was pleasantly surprised that it flew well in that much wind.....Not overly fast into the wind, but going with the wind, wow, it can really move....straight and level too.!!Not for the beginner, but a definite for anyone who wants a take anywhere and fly plane.....
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hoffman, Bret

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    Re: F4F Wildcat PNP Reviews

    The plane is does not fit together. You must hand lanch. After three tries it is almost destroyed. (I now how to fly. I like the little pilot.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Johnson, Jim

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    Re: F4F Wildcat PNP Reviews

    Not that good
    This is the third time I have written a review. I gave it one star because of the small ESP the quality of the foam, and the fact it is hard to hand lanch without in flying into the grown.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Dudley, Melvin

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    Re: F4F Wildcat PNP Reviews

    Easy to hand launch, flies great, looks great, lands on belly dirt or asphalt with full up elev great. Good buy.Don't know why they bothered to install servo for rudder , not needed
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by WYGAL, GERALD

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    Re: F4F Wildcat PNP Reviews

    F4F best looking ww2 navy fighter
    Looks good ,flies good, what else do you need. Retractable landing gear, ha ha. last time i priced retracts for F4F they were $800. Don't know why they bothered with rudder servo, certainly isn't needed with no wheels.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by WYGAL, GERALD

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    Re: F4F Wildcat PNP Reviews

    Parkzone F4F Wildcat
    I love this plane! I have many warbirds, but this one is the best, I can't stop flying it! I logged my 71st flight today and there's hardly a scratch on it. Parkzone planes just have more engineering involved than the Art-Tech and some of the others I have. Battery and ESC are directly behind the prop, and with the vent holes near the tail there is tons of ariflow through the fuselage. You can handlaunch at 1/2 throttle and it floats out of your hand, contrary to what some of these other reviews say. lol Full throttle supplies tons of power, I get about 6 min on a 1300 pack. Handles wind well too. Also....what's cooler than the rarely modeled F4F Wildcat? Nothing! Buy this plane, you won't be sorry! ;)
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by self, bill

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