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Thread: F4F WILDCAT ARF Reviews

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    F4F WILDCAT ARF Reviews

    Just a great Plane
    I have owned my Alpha Wildcat for almost two years now and its still my favorite plane to fly. I own and fly several other Alpha planes, all of them a pleasure to fly. The ease of construction, the great looks and detail are worth the price, but best of all, every plane has performed outstanding right out of the box. You guys at Hobby Lobby put together a great package with each plane making the hardest part about flying these planes is waiting for the weather to cooperate so you can go flying.

    I am an avid warbird fan, and the Grumman Cats have always held a special place in my heart, especially the Wildcat. The Alpha Wildcat is everything that you could ask for and more. Flights are a pure joy with the little Cat performing everything you could ask , and the look as you make that low, high speed pass takes you back 60 + years to when the rugged little plane was all that stood between us and defeat. My Wildcat has over 200+ flights and still looks as good today, and flies as good today as the day of its first flight. Its just a great plane.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hendry, Alan

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    Re: F4F WILDCAT ARF Reviews

    Alfa Wildcat
    My eZone review:

    The best of the Alfa's!

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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    Re: F4F WILDCAT ARF Reviews

    highly recommended kit
    Easy to build. Beautiful to look at. Using the now discontinued MP Jet 22 motor in it with a 12 AMP ESC, and 1200 mah LiPo. Can't ask for a better flyer. We'll, maybe my other Alfa Model kits are at least equal.
    It's nice to have a company pay attention to authenticity when it comes to paint scheme, markings, and scale appearance. My only gripe with Alfa Models is that I wish that the kits were a bit more durable. They just don't stand up well to even the slightest bumps and bruises.

    Can't wait to see the new Alfa Models Bf 109-F series that are being released soon.

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Pickering, Blake

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    Re: F4F WILDCAT ARF Reviews

    Alfa F4F - the best Alfa!
    My friends have turned me into a scale airplane nut, and war birds makeup a significant portion of my fleet. This F4F Wildcat from Alfa is a perfect addition to their fine war bird line. I always look for planes that are not commonly modeled and this certainly fits that category. This Alfa F4F Wildcat is a thing of beauty and as good as it looks, it flies even better.

    With the Alfa war bird line you get both a fine looking scale ship and a plane with excellent flight performance. It flies just like it was attached to rails. The flying characteristics closely follow the other Alfa models. Having flown many war birds both small and large I can say this little beauty does not take a second spot to any war bird I have flown. I can honestly say this is the best flying war bird I have ever flown.

    Excellent looks
    Prefabrication nearly 100% -- no hinges horns or pushrods to install
    Stellar flight performance - the best of the Alfa's!
    Fast assembly
    Light weight
    Complete hardware kit

    Cowl is very thin; durability may be an issue (not sure!)
    Canopy/battery hatch replacement can be a bit difficult

    The Alfa F4F Wildcat is priced right and the recommended power system gives all the motivation you would want or need. This Alfa Wildcat is a must have for you warbird fans. I highly recommend it!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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