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Thread: F4 PHANTOM, ARF Reviews

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    F4 PHANTOM, ARF Reviews

    A Great F4
    One of the best ARF F-4's out there. Well designed and fast on the stock setup. This plane has good flight manners but is not for a beginner or even a first EDF. The glide angle without power is steep, so it is highly recommended to land with power. In the air it is a thing of beauty and has more of a real jet sound than many I've seen. An absolute blast !!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Voytanovsky, Peter

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    Re: F4 PHANTOM, ARF Reviews

    all expectaions met
    I am very impressed with my BIG phantom that I happen to buy at a local hobby store., its flying manners even for me- intermediate. prop pilot are great- well balanced plane., I only have a grass field to fly over so i took the lading gear off, and did an under hand toss with my dx6i at 3/4 throttle- it hangs in the air long enough to grab the controls., also sugg. apply white color scheme under fuse for better orientation in the air ., GREAT JOB HOBBY LOBBY.,
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by lozano, jesse

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    Re: F4 PHANTOM, ARF Reviews

    Vietnam warbird
    Being a Vietnam Veteran this plane brings back a lot of old memories. As soon as I saw this in HL's stable I just had to have one. While in Vietnam I was awakened on a daily basis listening to the roar of F4 Phantoms leaving the runway and off on some sortie mission over Vietnam.
    This kit is very nicely done and has all the appearances of a true Phantom. It goes together very easy and is ready to fly in less time than it takes to charge the battery. It would have been nice to have an operational rudder, but once your airborne I'm not sure you miss it much. The aircraft leaves a gravel runnway in about 50 feet and if you have a 5-10mph headwind it will take to the air in a shorter distance. It doesn't seem to have any bad handling problems and is very easy to fly, however because of its size it can be deceiving as to how fast it is moving, so you must be careful on approach. Once you have it figured out it lands very smoothly. I actually have this one and the 64mm fan version, the F4n that is also from HL . I really like to fly both. These are two very nice planes and flying them is a real treat...If you have a need for speed, then they both will work for you.

    Equipment used: The ARF comes with motor,esc,bec, servos, and battery.
    Radio used Spektrum DX6i and AR6200 receiver
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rick, George

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    Re: F4 PHANTOM, ARF Reviews

    Great flier
    I purchased this plane partly out of nostalgia. My father worked for McDonnell Douglas back in the late 60's / early 70's on the F-4 ejection seat. He passed away a few years back and this sort of reminds me of him.

    The F-4 arrived in great condition. It only took me a few hours to assemble, and probably would have been a lot less time except that I'm always nervous about the glue that companies include with these things (probably just me being paranoid). So, I chose to use 30 minute epoxy to hold the wings on. Other than that, I followed the well-written instructions and had no issues at all on assembly. Once it was assembled with my receiver in place, I installed the battery and discovered that I had an issue with the fan rubbing. One of the reasons that I had purchased this from Hobby Lobby was that I had heard about the great customer service. So, this gave me an opportunity to check it out for myself. I contacted customer service and they immediately took care of the issue, no questions asked. Yes, what you may have read on discussion boards is true; their customer service is that good. Once the fan was replaced, I was very excited to get it out to the field for a maiden flight.

    I have been flying RC planes for a little while, but am fairly new to EDF jets. What I really liked about this plane was that even on the maiden, it was a fairly relaxing plane to fly. I sort of equate it to flying my Parkzone T-28 Trojan. It goes where you point it, without any surprises. It's not a speed demon, but if you wanted to turn it into one, they've made the fan and motor very easy to replace. It's literally just a case of disconnecting the ESC from the motor and removing two screws. I would estimate that it probably goes around 60-70mph at full-throttle, which is fast enough for the plane to have good control authority, but not so fast that it would make a new EDF pilot nervous. The plane takes off in a fairly short distance, around 10-15 feet in my estimation. It is extremely well-behaved on landings. Due to the design of the wing, both power-on and power-off landings are really uneventful (which is a good thing). On the stock setup, the plane will fly nicely inverted with just a touch of elevator needed. It also rolls and loops. The only area that I would use caution on is outside loops. On one flight, I flew down the field inverted and then tried to bring the plane up into an outside loop. I didn't have quite enough speed and the plane sort of hovered nose-up for a few seconds. This was a little unnerving, but fortunately I had done so high enough with plenty of room to recover. It’s also important for new EDF pilots to remember, in attitudes such as these, that adding throttle does not in and of itself cause air to flow over the control surfaces, so a stall can be problematic if one does so at lower altitudes. After a few flights, I found myself feeling confident enough with it that I was soon flying in formation with another guy at our local flying field and having a blast with this plane. I’ve also warmed up enough to this plane that I’ll fly it in a fair amount of wind with no problems at all. This one goes with me to the flying field every time now.

    All in all, I believe this would make a great first jet (though not a first PLANE). Anyone who can handle a Parkzone Trojan or similar plane with ailerons should have no trouble at all flying it. And, as a pilot becomes more advanced, they've made this plane very easy to upgrade.

    Finally, I can't say enough about the great service at Hobby Lobby. Even though I did have one small issue with the plane, they really took great care of me and I truly appreciate it.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Wilkins, Brian

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