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Thread: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

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    F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    Overall a great flying airplane. My few problems are assembly problems from the factory. The front of the stabs when squished in a little, obviously from the way it was packed. Not to much of a problem, it is a foamie. Assembly was easy and programming the DX7 was straight forward. First time taxiing around one the main gear came off, retainer was just loose. Main problem is, I guess I should have checked, was the front nose gear. On take-off the plane veered hard right into the grass. Did not do that much damaged. Just broke the front retract actuator and stripped the great in the NWS servo. Looking closer at the Nose retract 2 of the retainer screws were not even screwed all the way into the retainer plastic piece. Also the NWS retention screw was loose (probably why it swerved hard to the right). Should have check these before flight, I guess I assumed too much from a almost RTF airplane.

    Have hand launched the first five flights and the plane flies great. Very little trim was needed at all on the first flight. The high alpha stuff is amazing. Just land it on its belly in a high alpha position (though it takes very little to scrap up the belly). Very cool. Have not even come close to tapping full potential of this airplane. Cant wait to get a replacement (if I can find one) nose gear so I can land this gear down. Also the battery gets very hot after a flight. This might just just be the battery I got. My other aircraft batteries don't nearly get this hot, also the battery puffs up a little as well.

    Overall very pleased. Just rec. checking ALL retainer screws on the gear before first flight. I know most people check this stuff, I just should have. Thrust vectoring rocks!!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Winnermark, Zachary

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    Great package fully entertaining
    Excellent overall package and a good value. Everything works great out of the box. Thrust from the stock motor is certainly adequate, and flight times on the supplied battery are greater than 6 minutes. Lots of wing area and lifting body allow it to float in like a glider at low speed. Compared with other 70mm jets I've owned, this jet has a relatively modest top end, even in a dive at full throttle. Thrust vectoring works great. Manual suggests a 7 channel radio, but I set mine up on 6 channels using the included y-harness for full time yaw vectoring along with the NWS (there are no rudders on this jet.) Retracts seem adequate so far for smooth surface runways,.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Paul

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    F-35 whip
    I was very pleased with the retracts, with some fine tuning they work well. I did have a front landing gear locking issue on first landing but I was traveling slow so only light paint sanding on the nose. The thrust vectoring performed better than expected, changing the jets direction easily, high alpha is as easy as flying straight. I added 40g with a different 4cell battery with the cg correct I noticed what seemed like an improvement. I'm landing this thing at about 8mph or less it floats in at one third power. I think this is a sweet foam jet just balance the fan, fine tune everything and set your radio right you will be impressed. Just go ahead and cut the probe off the nose as well I broke it like three times.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Reid, Jason

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    ESC Throttle Calibration
    There is a required step for throttle calibration as your building your jet. Nowhere in the instructions or on the F-35 webpage is this mentioned but after getting a tech support email from Jay I'm up and thrusting. Here's the link: ... 2_prd1.htm

    Have not flown yet but I'll give it a 4 star as I had to add epoxy to the ail hinges, the glue used at the factory was pliable and didn't give me a vote of confidence. Nice looking bird, go get one!!!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by gary

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    F-35 review
    Very nice jet but is a little hard to orientate it in the air if it flys to far away. I lost mine because of loss of orientation or maybe it was because it flew on the other side of a eclectic line. whoops! I am rating it five stars but that does not include it`s hardness to orientate. just don`t let it fly to far away and you will be fine.

    Like the thrust vectoring!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Janecka, Matthew

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    F-35 trust vectoring is awesome.
    The WOW factor on this plane is amazing. Takeoffs are easy and controlled. Make sure the TV is off on take off or you may stall out into a high alpha. Plenty of power for just about anything imaginable. Plane glides perfectly. Orientation is a little hard at a distance.

    Battery flight time is maximum 4 minutes. 4 minutes is enough to get your hands shaking from the TV. Remember to set your timer on your transmitter. Fun factor is a 10 out of 10. Landing gear is weak.

    Snapped the front servo landing gear connecting rod after a week, it was a soft landing and the front gear collapsed. Minor scrapes on the nose. Trying to get Hobby lobby to replace it because I cant find that part anywhere. Would be 5 stars if the landing gear was better.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Jaentsch, Kalani

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    buy it.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by shanko, logan

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    Great EDF
    What this plane lacks in top speed and sound (it's pretty quiet) it makes up for in stability and maneuverability. It's a great first "jet" if you leave the TV off as it's incredibly stable. Amazing with the TV on! Spins, 180 degree turns on a dime - all easy with this thing. I can get up to six minutes of flight time with pattern work, three minutes with hard aerobatics with plenty of juice for a couple of go-arounds. It lands like a kite if you drag it in, no problem on short strips.

    Two issues to think about:

    1. Nose wheel's a bit weak. If you plant the landing it will collapse. However, because it retracts to the rear anyway, it doesn't damage the gear or foam it's mounted in. To prevent damage to the nose (I plant landings all the time because I fly in high winds often) I cut some aluminum off from a can and made a skid plate for the nose. Damage problem solved.

    2. The plane is monotone. It's flat gray all around so I had trouble seeing it even at short distances. My solution was to paint the bottom of the aircraft like an American flag (foam safe spray paint and sticker stars). Not only can I see it clearly, but it looks AWESOME.

    I have the Eurofighter, the SU-34, and the F-35 in my EDF collection. The F-35 is a lot of fun and I'd recommend it to anyone.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Ropelewski, Raymond

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    F-35 Lightning ll 360 Degree Thrust Vectoring Jet
    This is no plane for a grass field. I have tried it on several grass fields and every time the nose gear bends before it leaves the ground. The foam that it is made from dents real easy. The first time I taxied it on grass the nose gear plastic arm broke. The lipo battery that came with it would not charge, I sent it back and the replacement battery they sent was a 4 cell lipo, 14 vdc but only three of the cells show voltage on the balance plug. On the fourth flight the EDF motor fried inself. I don't think this plane is worth the money I paid for it! It doesn't fly as fast as they say it will, my Phase 3 F-16 EDF flys way faster that this F-35. Other than these things it flys great, hovers, low alpha passes, takeoffs and landings are great all on pavement only. I would not recommend this plane for any grass field.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Grimm Jr, Roy D

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    Re: F-35 Lightning II 360 ARF Reviews

    Great Flying Bird
    I can strongly recommend this plane as a first EDF (leaving TV off) or to an experienced EDF pilot looking for a good stable platform that is capable of incredible aerobatics with TV on. This bird has become my favorite plane of all I've flown. I can depend on this plane to satisfy my need for speed (doppler measured at 79 mph stock) or low and slow meandering at high alpha or standard aerobatics. I haven't ventured into the TV realm much but, that's what makes this plane my favorite continues to challenge me. I hope to have a long relationship with this beauty.
    The 2 TV servos failed before the first flight. I found them during radio programming and control surface adjustment/alignment. I replaced both and it has been flying reliably since. I have no complaints.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rife, Garry

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