F-35 lightning II Vectored thrust
Upon receiving this ARF kit the airframe was crushed in some places in the rear, one elevator servo was glued permanently solid, and the two aileron servos wires were pulled out of their metal connectors. After fixing these problems with the help of Hobby Lobby, who sent immediately a replacement servo, the jet was taken to the field and the motor run up with the supplied battery. At the flight line the engine was run up to full throttle and stalled. Throttle was backed off and tried again at which point the ESC started to smoke. Back at the pits everything was checked yet again by more than one expert. All was plugged in and working properly. The ESC however smoked badly and was taken out of the airframe. Hobby Lobby supplied a new one at no charge. The maiden flight was terrifying since the suggested CG was 2 1/2" back from where it should have been, making for a very nervous flight. 4 1/2 oz of lead in the nose cone and a 3300 mah battery made all the difference and now the F-35 flies as it should. Perhaps my kit was one of the first off the assembly line, or made on a Monday or Friday afternoon. Who knows, however all is well now and I will send the ESC back to Hobby Lobby for them to peruse as to what happened. If you are going to fly this jet make sure the forward suggested location for the CG is the one you use and get a much bigger battery.
I give this product 2 stars. Review by Staveley, Michael