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Thread: F-16 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

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    F-16 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    Great flying Jet
    This F16 looks great, has tons of power, flies slow or fast, and can even do a little high alpha, like most F16s. One issue with mine, might have been corrected already was a faulty BEC in the included ESC. It would rob power from the motor when I used the servos. I contacted hobby lobby and they said the factory was making sure to put better ESC in it, and would send me a new ESC. When I contacted them about where the new ESC was, they sent it off to me, and by mistake sent a motor. Told them about it,and they said to keep the motor as well. New ESC came in the mail with an external BEC attached. I had already put an external BEC and have never had any more problems with it. Would be nice if it had retracts but flies and lands well on the belly without them
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Nye, Jeff

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    Re: F-16 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    Great first EDF Jet
    I sound crazy whenever I fly this jet, I'm always reciting lines from the movie Top Gun whenever I'm doing my flying routine, that's how much fun I'm having with this plane. Flies great, looks good in the air and the most important thing - LANDINGS! Heck this plane lands better than my 25 size Piper J-3 Cub. I'm a slow and relaxed type flying pilot and this plane fulfills those times when I have a need, a need for speed. First flight was something, full speed - hey how come it doesn't want to fly? Oooops elevator was reversed. Hit the gutter and crushed the cowl. Let me fix that (straightened it out) and let see - still flyable. Second try was successful, actually so successful I was flying it until it ran out of juice. Ooooops again. The result was a bent front gear and a cowl that really needs replacement - total cost is $1.50. The following week when I tried to fly it the whole fan unit broke to pieces during take-off, thank god. I blamed myself for messing with it when I balanced the fan unit. When I got the replacement part I didn't bother balancing it this time. Since then it always brought a smile to my face whenever I fly the plane. I hope a F-14 version is coming soon, swing-wing, please?
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Custodio, Ferdinand

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    Re: F-16 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    fantastic customer support for this F16
    I had purchased an F4 which came apart in the air due to a manufactures defect in the glue application on the tail section. Freda was beyond exceptional in her help to get an RMA number and supplement the F16 instead of the F4. Got the plane together in 1 night and flew the next day. It was beautiful. Balanced and trim was minimal. Right from the box it was ready to go!!!

    Hobby Lobby/ Freda, you will ALWAYS have my business based on your product but more importantly your attention to customers concerns and needs.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by hoyer, tim

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    Re: F-16 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    F-16 Fighting Falcon ARF RC Jet
    Looks great and flies smooth. I have one issue with mine. On the 4th flight the motor mount tabs on the fan unit let go. luckily I was high enough to bring her in with no damage. I'm giving this bird 4 stars It probably deserves 5. Ease of build and time from box to air are a definite plus. As an ex F-16 mechanic this is a good looking plane.
    I have not contacted hobby lobby about my fan unit letting go. the fan unit is 18.50 on their site. Hobby Lobby has treated me very well in the past so I think I'll leave them alone on this one and order my new fan unit. If the new one let's go I'll have to shave another star off.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Bellows, Brett

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    Re: F-16 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    Great plane
    This is a very good first EDF; very stable and can slow down real nice for a landing.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hazelton, Greg

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