Fast, Stable, Easy to fly.
I decided to go with the Jetscreamers motor from HL and added a Pentium 40amp ESC since I was pulling ~29 amps with the five bladed fan. The build was somewhat challenging and not always very intuitive. Modifications to the motor shaft had to be made to fit the Alfa fan unit but nothing anyone with a rotor tool can't accomplish. The placement of the elctronics is somewhat crowded and makes finding the sweet spot for the CG a challenge. I ended up a tad nose heavy but only a minor issue. The pushrods for the ailerons were junk and poorly thought out so I broke out my Z-bender and made my own with heavier gauge wire. The manual was decent but leaves a lot to be desired. No pictures, just a poster of a schematic F-16 with CG, throws and placement diagrams. The print is small and crowded together. Definately read a few times before the build if you haven't built an Alfa model before. Different type of foam then I was used too. Lightweight but far from durable. The plastic coatings around the belly portions do help protect on landings but its the hangar rash that keeps putting new dings and bends on mine. Be careful!! It doesn't seem like this one could take a catastrophic failure of a hand toss and then be put back together with some CA and flown again but thats only speculation since mine flew so well.

As for the flight....AWESOME!!!! I flew it on a 1750mah Rhino 3S 20C battery for about 5 mins and man did it scream. Wowed some guys flying their 3d's and warbirds and even had one guy asking where he could get one so he could order it that day. Unbelievable tracking and insane power. Inverted, 360 degree high G turns, vertical rolling and many other manuevers were possible. Landing was slow and smooth with no signs of stalling. The duct work on this model is superior to most other jets this size and produces a concentrated thrust that just pushes through the air. And for those on RCGroups who think this scheme is for the birds...think again because it looks brilliant cruising through the sky at 80mph.
I give this product 4 stars. Review by Webb, Matt