F-18 Blue Angel by Starmax
I have been an R/C modeler for 25 years. This is my first ducted fan model.

The kit :

For anyone with prior experience, the kit is not much trouble to put together. I say this because if you are a newbie to the sport, the directions are pretty poor and the illustrations are thunbnail size, so there could be a little confusion for someone new to the sport.

The kit:

The parts fit well together, but there was a little trouble finding the target for where the main landing gear mounting screws properly thread into the fuselage. Minor annoyance, but someone without experience might give up and have loose mains. For me it was an extra 10 minutes fiddling with the proper angle to put the screws in to find the buried mounts.

My kit came with a aileron linkage fitting that was not manufactured properly. I called hobby lobby for help and the service rep sent me a replacement part that arrived within three days of my call, no charge.

I would suggest buying the 5 minute epoxy for assembly. It works much better than the glue included with the kit.

The center of gravity measurement in the instructions is wrong, but if you do the assembly according to the instructions with the stock battery, the plane will fly well.

The plane is a real BLAST to fly if you have never flown a ducted fan before! Takeoff roll on pavement is about 60 ft with no wind. Landing rollout can be as short as 30 feet if you can hold the right attitude and throttle setting. The plane is pretty fast at full throttle, but Low speed flying is no problem. If I overshoot my runway, I have brought the plane almost to a stop 6 ft off the ground and still been able to hit the throttle and do a go around for another try.

Leave the elevators to the most throw you can get without causing undue stress to the elevator hinges or linkage.

If you are used to high wing or slower response planes, set the ailerons to minimum throw the first few flights. My first flight was 3 minutes of terror because of over controlling. After resetting to minimum throw, my second flight was just plain FUN and much safer.

Although you can't taxi or takeoff from grass, you can hand launch and do a slow pancake for landing with no damage.

My overall opinion is that the RTF version was well worth the money and a lot of fun to fly.
I give this product 4 stars. Review by Heminover, Dale