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Thread: EXTRA 300 S ARF Reviews

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    EXTRA 300 S ARF Reviews

    their not kidding:Best built ARF I have ever seen!!
    I was fortunate to have purchased this wonderful airplane approx. 2 or perhaps 3 years ago during one of Hobby Lobby's frequent great sales at the then incredible price of US 129.00!
    The build time and expertise for this ARF is not for a newcomer to this hobby. Although with a little help from an experienced builder,the build should have a good outcome.
    At the time of my build,electric did not appear to be an option,and so I went with an OS .061 AX.This has proved to be an excellent engine for this plane.That being said,For true power out of hover,a four stroke .91 would not be remiss!!
    This craft is a true point and fly! All normal Aerobatics are of course possible,and some 3D are also possible.Hovers are possible,on high rates only,however it does tend to fall to the belly,which may be taken out with a mix.
    Landings are not slow,and it will tipstall if speed is not kept up,however,it does land well at speed,like most extra 300's.
    In my opinion,This is one of the finest looking 60 size extra 300 S ever produced.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by smith, don

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    Re: EXTRA 300 S ARF Reviews

    Awesome everyday plane
    This extra is great. The contents came very well packed, and assembly was a breeze. For the motor, I first installed a Tower Hobbies .75, which wasn't good or reliable, so I had several dead stick landing, which proved this plane had a very good glide characteristic. Then I installed a OS 1.08, with a 3 blade 13x8, and this plane really came to live. Unlimited vertical, capable of very high speed passes, easy to land especially on cross wind conditions, and short take off rolling. I did change the servo positions to near the rudder and elevator, to help balance the heavier motor. I recommend it also for pattern aerobatics.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Voloch, Eduardo

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