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Thread: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

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    Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Hobby Lobby's much-anticipated product, the Eurofighter, has arrived!
    What a good-looking plane. I’m a photographer by trade, and can totally appreciate the attention to detail and thought behind this product. The photos you’ve provided do a fantastic job showing what's unique about Eurofighter's spare parts. The Eurofighter owner can't help but find them extremely attractive. I invite anyone to check out just the cockpit…yes, the cockpit. This thing is incredible, so much so, it takes extra images to showcase it's features. Tell you what; I’m very excited about the Eurofighter and I’m barely in the hobby myself!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by MSE

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    Re: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Well, it LOOKS nice...
    Nice looking airplane. Goes together easily. Found crush damage on both sides of fuselage wing roots, and also the leading edge root tip on one wing was smashed and did not fit tight to fuselage. Was able to stretch foam enough to get a hot glue joint. My biggest complaint are the weak servos. Canard servos don't center well, and stop slightly up or down in the direction they were moved. Opposite stick input is needed to center them back up. Worse yet, there are cheap plastic gear servos for nose and main gear. My bad memories of Banana Hobby retracts and servos revisited! (All three landing gear struts have a bit of slop in them to cause me some concern as well) Initially was able to lock all three gears the other day, but when I taxied at a slow crawl when first starting out today, the nose gear folded. Dinged the nose gear door, tore it off the hinges, and scruffed the nose cone. Found that the nose servo was dead when I investigated as to why it folded, and a main servo stripped already. Just glad it wasn't a wing servo in flight! Servo arms need to be longer for retracts. Shouldn't have to be at 125% up and down to get them to lock. Honestly, I'm really starting to hate mechanical retracts as untrustworthy. $399.99 may not seem to be a lot of money for some people, but when I spend that kind of money, I want quality metal gear servos, and servo arms that are long enough to give plenty of breathing room for adjustments. Haven't flown yet, and going to be some time now until I figure out the servo situation. Gear door setup is, to me, flimsy. Wood arm on gear door, and "post" in wheel compartment. Connected with nylon clasp, short pushrod, and microscopic spring. Spring and pushrod connected together by a piece of plywood strip. Gear strut pushes on ply strip when retracted, where the little spring provides the closing power. Don't mess with it, cause it'll never be the same if you do. That whole setup I think needs to be improved. When I'm done shaking my head and fixing it before I even FLY it, I look forward to it's maiden flight. $399. I can't see foam costing that much, so I just expected strong, quality servos. Aint giving up on it yet though! ;-) I'm not too worried about it, as I'm confident Hobby Lobby will make it right, as they always have in the past. HOT LOOKIN JET THOUGH!!! I still sit and stare at it!
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Larson, Michael

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    Re: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Part 2-Flight Review
    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!! Today was just too nice of a day to waste cleaning my house, so I maidened my Typhoon instead! I am waiting on my 6 cell, 30c batt to arrive, so I used a 5 cell 25c 3700mah instead. I'm too impatient to wait. With the 5 cell batt, jet was noticably underpowered. Takeoff was longer than I would like, but then again, I didn't want to goose the power and risk a bad ground track. Jet lifted off nicely, and continued climb straight ahead, then made a gradual climbing left turn. I found right away that, when balanced at the published 11 1/8" CG point, the tail was a little heavy, I believe due to the battery I used today. However, it was completely managable with the help of the canards. I elected not to trim for pitch, as this was just a short hop, but did trim the roll, only needing about 5 clicks. I kept the speed low with a little more than half throttle and did nothing fancy, and left the gear down for the time being. (Brain overload from nervs) Just five passes around the pattern, and set up for a landing. Again, with the CG a little tail heavy, I had to keep pushing the nose down a bit. 1/4 throttle is a good plenty once on final. At a foot off the road, I made the mistake of letting off the pitch stick. Nose came back up and floated up to about 4 feet. With airspeed too low, the jet "harriered" onto the roadway in a level attitude. I feared the gear was going to be damaged. When I taxied back, the track was straight and true, and all three gears remained locked. Nothing bent, twisted or scuffed!! WOW! My faith in the retracts are restored! This jet is EASY to fly, much like the tendancies of a trainer. Easier than the 70mm F-16 Thrust Vectoring jet. But be warned, you REALLY have to pay attention to it's attitude in the air!!! With the tall vertical stab, and with similar sweep as the main wings, it can be easy to over-roll and get disorientated at a distance. I did twice, but each time I recovered easily. On low rate, roll is very responsive, as well as pitch. I didn't test to see how well it glides, but at slow speeds, the canards remain very effective. Looks mean as hell in the air, and though I needed a few smokes to calm my nervs after the first flight, it was a joy to fly! EASY 5 STARS FOR FLIGHT!!!!! As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for". If you want a 90mm jet, this is it folks! Stay away from those other guys' ARF's!!! Keep 'em coming Hobby Lobby! In my first review on kit quality, I gave 3 stars. Mostly due to servo issues in the gear and some minor cosmetic defects. Again, the servos need to be metal geared. If anything, for the landing gear. I replaced them last night after I found one dead, and one striped. My first review also mentioned that the canard servos return slightly off center when moved. This did NOT appear to be much of an issue in flight. So combining the two reviews for a total of 10 possible stars, I give the Typhoon an easy 8 stars!!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Larson, Michael

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    Re: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Yes sir, it sure looks terriffic.
    It gets four stars on looks alone. My aircraft arrived with very little freight/packing damage, it was almost perfect coming out of the box. The landing gear needed some tuning and a little oil or graphite to help the suspension work better. Also the canard linkages were very stiff out of the box and needed some attention.
    The radio programming section of the instruction manual was especially helpful if you own the suggested Spectrum DX-7. You may want to customize your set-up as I did, but if you go by the book you will have all the proper mixes and rates set up. Logically speaking the switch positions are backward though. I prefer my gear switch to be UP when the gear are up and DOWN when the gear are down, and my rates switch is down for low and up for high.
    Here's an item of note: I chose some 3800mah 3S 30C batteries that weigh 12.5oz each. That's 25oz for the two needed to fly. I was able to balance the plane, but had to move them as far back (almost 3 inches) as possible. I had to trim the foam under the batteries and relocate the hold-down strap. Choose your batteries carefully.
    I was hoping to fly it soon, but the nose retract servo failed tonight during what was intended to be a final check-out and I'm wondering what to do about the servo situation. If one servo failed before I've had a chance to fly it, what will happen next? I fly from an asphalt runway, so the retracts MUST work!!!
    Still I trust Hobby Lobby will make it right. This jet has terrific potential for serous FUN! But until I get the servo situation resolved and a chance to fly it, I'll have to stick with a four star rating. Stay tuned, I'll update this review as soon as possible. It's an incredibly nice looking aircraft, but I didn't buy it to LOOK at on the ground!!!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Sellers, John

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    Re: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Nice Plane!
    Had minor shipping damage (vertical stab was bent a little bit). Plane went together easily. Had to use my own mixes to get everything to work correctly, but the expos/rates for high and low rate are pretty good to start. The quality of the servos is an issue. Replaced both canard servos with HS-65HB's due to poor centering and movement. Nose gear wouldn't fully retract during testing and then the gears stripped while doing a taxi run, scraping up the nose and inlet. Replaced nose gear servo with HS-65 with a longer arm (to get the gear to lock fully up and down) and installed a servo-slower to help prevent the other servos on the landing gear from stripping.

    Used 3700mah 30C 6 cell battery for first flight. Recommended CG worked great, no trimming required. Flew several patterns and swung the gear a few times. It's VERY stable and a great flier. Landing is easier if you keep a bit of throttle in and fly it to the ground.

    Overall an awesome EDF and a good buy. The cosmetic detail is great and it flies like a dream. My only complaint would be the poor quality servos that come with it.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Ropelewski, Raymond

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    Re: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Awesome scale jet!
    I have the new retract servos now and this jet flies really well. No surprises, solid performance. Does not need a lot of runway for takeoff or landing. Because it's a delta, it slows WAY down for landing. The retracts add a lot of realism and the design makes them very forgiving. Thanks Hobby Lobby for a really neat scale jet!!! John S.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Sellers, John

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    Re: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Looks nice
    Definitely not for grass runways way too underpowered, small wheels and fragile gear, did not see any advisory about this. Nose gear collapsed each time during taxiing. Unfortunately I have no asphalt runway to use so had to catapult it up. Flew very stable but seemed a little underpowered, may be the 25C 3.7Ah EVOs I used (not 30C as recommended).No battery ventilation so batteries returned very hot, could use some cooling vents even if 30C is used.

    Certainly looks cool in the air
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Dore, Richard

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    Re: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Very nice scale EDF
    I received the Eurofighter in good condition, with zero damage. All components were well packaged. Mine came with the detailed cockpit, but no pilot - or so I thought. The box itself is all foam (the box top is cardboard), and as I was preparing to throw the box away, I noticed a square hole in the bottom of the foam box. Inside was a pilot, I almost threw it away. Fortunately I had not glued the canopy in place as I had been searching for a full pilot figure that would fit.

    The plane went together well, the instructions were excellent. I used a DX-7 radio and was able to set up the mixing with no problems. The trim on the vectored thrust nozzles was way off, I decided to center these with sub trims, as the ball linkages are hard plastic, and looked to me like they would break easily. I replaced the pushrods for the elevons with 2/56 threaded rod and Sullivan gold clevis', with z bends at the servo arms, just my preference. The vertical fin was slightly bowed, I discovered that it has a plastic strip which acts as a stiffener that caused the problem. I loosened this strip and re-glued it with the fin straight.

    The landing gear struts were stuck, a small squirt of teflon silicon spray solved this problem. I received replacement metal gear servos before I had a chance to fly the plane, and I've had no issues with the replacement servos. I have noticed that the canard servos don't always center exactly, but not bad enough to cause problems in flight, so I have left them alone.

    I used a 4000 mah 6s Turnigy battery pack that I already had on hand, I had to move it back a bit to balance and had to trim some foam from the bottom of the hatch to get the hatch to seal properly. It still came out a bit nose heavy but I decided to leave it for the first flight.

    First flight, I left it on low rates as recommended, and let it have a generous take off roll. It required no trim, it flies like it's on rails. The roll rate is a little slow on low rates, better on high. Bobbles a bit, that may be due to the canards and vectored thrust. It has plenty of power, vertical performance is excellent. It's not a speed demon, but appears to me very scale. Landing was easy, I kept some power on, speed higher than it probably needed, and pulled the nose up a little higher than I normally do, as I noticed in HL's video, and it settled right in. On the taxi back, I noticed that the nose gear steering is insufficient.

    Overall, I really wanted to give this 5 stars, but there were too many - admittedly very minor - flaws to do so.

    Paul Johnson
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Johnson, Paul

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    Re: Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF Reviews

    Best Value / performance 90mm Jet
    Of all the 90mm jets out there, this is the best one to have! The aerodynamics of Eurofighter is VERY stable at low speed high-alpha flight. Landing is almost "ILS" by itself when you bring it in nose up with power. If you are in So Cal, come see us fly at El Toro Marine base every weekend. Oh by the way, Hobby Lobby has the BEST customer service! Hands down! Jay
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Shen, Jay

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