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Thread: EPO Zero ARF w/Retracts Reviews

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    EPO Zero ARF w/Retracts Reviews

    A6M Receiver Ready Zero.
    I have been waiting for months and months for this A6M. THANK YOU HL. Exceptional Detail. I could not be more happy with this Zero. Easy to follow instructions, I Installed a 6 CH Spektrum RX and the Zero was ALIVE. Excellent quality, runs smooth. After a couple of servo horn adjustments, pre-flight check, made a rolling take off and flies like a champion. Many onlookers. Smooth landings, nice power, performs smooth turns and acrobatics effortlessly, even with just a 5 channel radio.
    All I can say to true Zero fans is WOW. Need to have this one in your hanger.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Martin, C

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    Re: EPO Zero ARF w/Retracts Reviews

    Fantastic ZERO
    This is one nice plane. I was amazed at the great looks of the plane and the ease of getting it ready to fly. The only thing I changed from stock was the battery. I used a 2200 25-50 c 3 cell. The plane needed a little right rudder on take off and climbed out like a love sick angel. It flies like on rails and quite quickly when given more than 1/2 throttle. Just make sure you don't have more than 3-4 mm of throw up and 3-4 mm down on the elevator. I found out the elevator is VERY VERY sensitive. It lands slowly and gently when given a long approach. It will float for a long way before touching down. This is probably one of the best flying warbirds in my hanger. Not for beginners but would be ok for someone with low wing experience. I highly recommend this plane and thank Hobby Lobby for making it available.

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Malone, James

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