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Thread: EPO PC-21 ARF Reviews

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    EPO PC-21 ARF Reviews

    Pilatus pc-21 issues
    While this model looks great on the web, it has many issues in person. Unpacking: the model was packed almost ok,but the front doors (which are fairly flimsy to start) were broken loose from the mounts. Glueing back had to be done carefully or the doors won't work. There were many scratches and Perkins in the paint and everywhere the decals were placed, it was very sticky as if there was a reaction of some kind between the paint and decal material. The two pilots were loose inside the cockpit since they were placed there with doubke sided tape. If you buy this you will need to disassemble the cockpit tray and canopy and glue the pilots in place since they will come loose. Design: this looks reasonable although the front landing gear is sloppy and appears fragile. Finish: the paint when received was still a tad tacky. You will end up with scratches and areas where the paint is not adhered well to the surface. Specifically on the cowl. You can scratch it off easily with your finger. Not quite sure what i am going to do here. Assembly: the tail surfaces came with double sided tape on them which prevents you from actually assembling the plane. Remove the tape and use epoxy.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Schorz, Henry

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    Re: EPO PC-21 ARF Reviews

    Pilatus PC-21 Review
    Packing: Model is not packed adequately. Front Retract door hinges were broken upon receipt.
    Finish: Paint was very tacky and not completely dry. Decals were especially sticky and had in some cases been scaprd away in shipping. Because of the paint not being dry, it was peeled away in many places requiring touchup. You could actually scrape away paint on cowl with finger.
    Design: Tail surfaces are stuck in place with double sided tape which does not work on the horiz stab since it has to be slid in place. Remove all tape and use epoxy. Pilots were taped in place in cockpit. One was loose in the canopy when it arrived. The other came loose in assembly. You have to remove one side of the canopy (held on with tape) and glue the pilots in place with epoxy and reassemble. Front landing gear if reall sloppy and probably will break.
    Flying: Model flew weel and looked great in the air, which is why I rated it a 2 instead of a 1.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Schorz, Henry

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    Re: EPO PC-21 ARF Reviews

    Wow! Looks Awesome!
    Just got mine yesterday and put the maiden flight on it today. Too much fun! The build was really quick, not a lot to do there. It looks so cool hanging from my ceiling and equally as cool in the air. I flew mine on a 3S battery and the speed nice. I can see a 4S upgrade in my future though. The retracts were solid once adjusted properly, and the electronics seem to be working just fine. All in all, I'm glad to have purchased it and can't wait to get some more stick time in.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Jacobs, Harry

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    Re: EPO PC-21 ARF Reviews

    Love it!
    Ditto on the previous review detailing slightly damaged nose gear door. Decals seemed not fully dry (sticky)on model but clear coating solved problem. I am very pleased with this model and it is recommended for intermediate to advanced flyers. Just go over all the linkages and do a thorough pre-flight before taking to the air (taxi test, run up, etc. take your time).Beautiful plane!
    First flight was on 3s pack--fly it like an EDF. I installed flaps right away and highly recommended! I chose to hand launch first.Landing speeds are high but I was pleased to see that vertical surfaces provide much directional control (in the yaw department) which made the roll outs, although fast, pretty darn tame. Very exciting model and pleased to see that this scale prop pulls very well (I'll be going to the 4s after I get the 3s mastered).Check out some of the reviews on the web (one shows a 4s to provide more than 2x the thrust) showing flight on 4 s with blistering speeds. Model was very responsive in the air. A couple of tip stalls in the pattern while dirty were quickly fixed by full power (yikes!). This ship gets 4.5 stars I am very excited about this plane!!! I am a former, short term, customer of Banana Hobby (ugh!): Enter Hobby Lobby!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by dehner, rob

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    Re: EPO PC-21 ARF Reviews

    pilatus pc
    This plane came in shabby shape. The screw holes did not line up properly to attach wing assembly to the fuselage. Therefore the left wing is 1-2mm larger than the right. I did not figure this out untill i had attempted to fly it. The landing gear is not lined up properly either. Basically every moving part needed adjustment to fit properly, which isnt a big deal as long as they will fit properly, which they did not. I had to bank left slightely to fly straight. Good luck, made in China what would i expect for such a cheap plane.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by chels, joe

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