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Thread: EMBER 2 RTF Reviews

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    EMBER 2 RTF Reviews

    The hop-uped vapor
    The Ember 2 is very much like the Vapor. Both are small, maneuverable airplanes. The Ember 2 is basically a step up from the Vapor. The Ember has solid foam wings, elevator, and rudder. This adds a touch more weight than that of the vapor. The Ember 2 has excellent speed for its size (more than double the vapor), it can be flown fast or slow. More experienced pilots can move the throw controls closer to the tail surface to increase their control authority. Once you are comfortable flying you may try to achieve sustained inverted flight (it takes time but is very do-able). The Vapor can produce loops with no additional speed, but with the Ember you need to point the nose down and dive a few feet to get adequate momentum to loop. This would be a solid 5 with the exception of the Ember 2 takes a much greater time to ascend to altitude. The Vapor has a much greater climb out. If your looking for a quick thrill the Ember 2 is a must have. Flights were between 60-70 degrees at an altitude of 2,956ft. 4 Stars.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Freebury, Dustin

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    Re: EMBER 2 RTF Reviews

    My Ember 2
    Got this after I got my microstic from Hobby Lobby and it was a bit anti-climatic but still fun. I really have had no problem flying it outside which is great because I have nowhere to fly inside. It is easy to grab and go. Great for my son to learn on too. It really crashes well with no damage and if you cut the power it just glides to a landing on its own. Really fun but the Microstic is way more fun and powerful. I think it is slower than my night vapor but at my skill level I am just learning.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Reed, Jason

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    Re: EMBER 2 RTF Reviews

    : Ember 2
    A lot of fun, real blast. Handles more wind than the Vapor (night vapor). Tougher than vapor when colliding with walls, back stops, furniture, trees and shrubs, or the ground.

    Maintain with Foam safe CA easier than Vapor(s).

    A good teacher.

    Be patient, poor with much wind.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by molin, stan

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