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    Electro Kadett
    I was looking for a larger electric aircraft that I could fly on most any day. I had read a review on e-zone about the electric Kadett and I was really impressed with it, so I looked through the Hobby Lobby catalog and found the electric Kadett with all the information I needed about it. Here was a larger electric model that would fly on the 3S-2100mah and 3S-4000mah Lipo cells that I already had in my flight box and to my eye it was one of the most beautiful models I had ever seen. It looked like it might be a scale family aircraft from another country that I hadn't seen before.

    Christmas was getting closer so I highlighted the "Eectro Kadett" and "everything you will need" sections in the Hobby Lobby catalog and told my wife that I would love it if Santa put it under our tree for me. On Christmas I found my "Electro Kadett" with an AXI Motor/Jeti ESC power combo under the tree. My wife would not let me even look at it until Christmas and I was a wide eyed kid and couldn't put it down. I guess you can be a wide eyed kid at 65 years old.

    I looked at everything and fould some wrinkles in the iron on covering and a small break in one of the wing ribs. I was able to iron them out and fix the break by reaching in from the wing root and using some CA to bond the reinforcement balsa and all was well and ready to began the assembly. There is not a great deal that needs to be done. Join the wing panels, glue on the tail feathers, install the hardware and radio gear and make all of the pre-flight checks. Balance was right on with the battery in the forward position. I set up the control travel to the recommended limits on low rates and full travel on high rates. My "JR6102" computer radio made this step very easy.

    At the field I had some friends hold the model and I checked the range and it was good so after one more quick look at everything I plugged in my battery and taxied out to our fabric runway for takeoff. I started slowly adding power and before I realized it she was up on the main gear tracking down the center line. At about the time I was starting to give some up elevator she was already airborne and on her way. This is a very easy model to fly. It has no bad habits. I have many flights on it. You will only need 1/2 power or less for everyday flight. But when you want to really impress the flying field crowd just give her full power and hang on to your hat. The "Eectro Kadett" is very fast.

    I believe this is the finest flying, best quality all around model I have ever flown. I have about 30 years of RC flying and have been flying electric only for the last 5 years or so. If you want a model that you can depend on for years to come, if you want the finest flying possible then for my money you couldn't find a better model than the "Electro Kadett"!

    Every time I bring the "Electro Kadett" to the flying field I get questions and comments about how beautiful it is and how great it flys.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bailor, Michael

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    Golly Gee Shucks - I have never written a review before !!

    The Electro Kadett may be a good trainer , but actually it needs a little beefing up behind the wing saddle, landing gear mount, motor mount, and maybe the wing root. When will the manufacturers learn that an ounce of reinforcement saves two ounces of glue later ???

    The Kadett is fabulous for an easy flyer . Beyond that, put an AXI 2826, a 4 cell battery( or 4 cell A 123 - equivalent to 3 1/2 cells of lipo ), put the throws at utter maximum and watch it go . It is virtually 3 D capable. It will tumble, snap, lamshuvec ( or however you spell it .) Put it in a spin, apply a little throttle, reverse aileron a little and watch a truly scary flat spin. All of this with the good manners of a flat bottomed airfoil.

    This is the best airplane in Hobby Lobby's inventory!!! A five star rating is not high enough!!!

    E mail me if you have questions on how to set it up .
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Doubleday, Gerry

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