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Thread: ElectraGlide ARF Reviews

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    ElectraGlide ARF Reviews

    ElectraGlide 1.5M EPO Glider ARF
    Ordered the plane last weekend and received it Thursday. Flew it Friday morning. Assembled it before the battery was charged. Flies great ! Two clicks of left aileron and it's smooth as silk. Plenty of power. Flew twelve minutes and got worried about the battery voltage so landed. They were at 3.87v / cell. Could have gone longer. I'm going to replace the wye aileron servo connector with two extensions to have flaps for landing. (Spektum 6i}

    The only thing I'd like is to be able to remove the tail feathers for travel. Wanted the the ASK-21 but got tired of waiting for it to be available.. Also the steel wire wing brace was slightly bent ? Four stars for the non removable tail.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Blume, Charles

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    Re: ElectraGlide ARF Reviews

    Nice Flyer For The Price
    A lot of decent hardware for the price. Plenty of power for 2 cells. A bit fragile in the nose area...keep speed up for landing as it doesn't tolerate a stall and hard landing on the nose because the foam fuselage is not very strong in the area of the large canopy opening right behind the motor mount. Nice flying qualities and long flight time. I consistently land and find the battery still has a lot of capacity left after putting it on the charger. The steel wing joiner rod is a bit confusing as it is bent in multiple directions. The dihedral angle is in one direction and the rod is also kinked when looking from above which I think is designed to add friction to hold the wings on. There is no mention of this in the instructions, I reduced these bends because it looked too extreme. So far the wings have not come off in flight so I think the mod was OK. The wing is a bit bendy in flight when you load it up, but not a problem. Nice loops, rolls and inverted flight. It is happy at low to medium flight speeds, this isn't the plane for screaming vertical dives and high G pull outs. Nearly silent under power, a perfect park flyer. Very easy to assemble. The only drawback is the strength of the nose area...but that is a foamy for you.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Brady, Stephen

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