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    My First CCPM helicopter
    As stated in the title of this review. This was my first CCPM heli. Guess you could say the review has been a long time coming. The reason I bought this heli was I was referred to HL as being a great company with awesome customer support. The heli arrived 4 days after I ordered it. Upon opening the kit I was very excited to get started. The parts were all packed well and every step in the real picture manual told you what bag of parts to use as you proced with the assembly. Assembly took two evenings and another evening to install the motor and electronics.
    Setup was easy and straight forward and the CCPM made things so much easier. After glueing the two canopy halfs together and installing the windshield my new heli was ready for its first flight.
    It spooled up quickly and became light on its skids and was airborne. An adjustment here and there to get the gyro just right and I was hovering about 10 feet the first time out. The response of the CCPM setup was clean and crisp. After 3 short flights the ESC went up in smoke.
    I called HL and they sold me another ESC at half the original price. Next the brushed motor threw a magnet. So I decided to upgrade to a brushless motor and speed control. That was the ticket that set this heli apart from all the rest. It was way ahead of its time. I have since bought another ECO 8 and two Jet ranger bodies. So both are in scale bodies and painted to match our local news stations.
    I enjoyed my time with the ECO 8 helis and have since bought the Graupner A109 Power 60 size electric out of HLs BIG catalog.
    As for a beginner heli the ECO 8 has it all but quickly becomes a high end heli if you decide to do all the upgrades available. Build it stock with the auto rotation gear and today's brushless motors and speed controls along with Lipo batteries you cannot go wrong. Performance will be much better and the heli will last for years.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rieco, David

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    “The Cadillac of electric helicopters”
    The Ikarus Eco 8 is a tried and true electric RC helicopter. Building the helicopter from the included instructions was simple and straight forward. This very light helicopter is the perfect power platform for both brushed/ Nicd and brushless/ Lipo power plants. The helicopter being a 30 class electric allows for smooth operation and unprecedented hovering. The helicopters size allows for decent wind handling as an added bonus. Flight time is 15-20mins, more than enough to impress your friends at the flying field. This helicopter is great for beginners or seasoned pilots alike. Even owning a Blade CP and flying many 400 class helicopters the Eco 8 is still hands down my favorite. 5 Stars.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Freebury, Dustin

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    ECO 8
    This was my second heli I bought from Hobby-Lobby and that was some time ago. As a beginner the build was easy and it went together with no problems. All I can say is this heli went through my learning period and is now an all aluminum, brushless, flying machine. Still love to fly it. I'm sorry to see Ikarus fading away.
    I also have a royal 8, and a ECO 7 Lama. The 8 was a good learning tool. Good size and weight, and flew good in stock form. Parts are getting harder to find and I hope H/L keeps stocking them. If you get a chance give it a try. Tail boom is a real weak area on stock model, go to carbon fiber as soon as you can.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Shaffer, John

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