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Thread: EASYSTAR ARF Reviews

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    EASYSTAR ARF Reviews

    Extremely Durable
    We bought this plane for our eight year old son two years ago... After more than 100 flights and a few encounters with terra firma, trees, garage doors, etc., the plane is still flying well. We also used the EasyStar for teaching friends fly (mostly via buddy cord) and I enjoyed using it myself when I wanted to relax or did not want to risk my expensive planes at dusk. The glide (power off) is remarkable for a beginner's plane and the plane is good enough that it could be used at the slope with light wind. Since the propeller is in the back (pusher design) and the nose is blunt, the risk of injury or property damage is very low. In fact, since the plane can be slowed to a crawl, it can be safely "landed" by grabbing it directly out of the air (o.k., it will take some practice to master that skill).
    Flying characteristics: Response of the elevator is very good. However, turns need to be initiated with some foresight because the rudder response is slower than the elevator response and the plane does not have ailerons. Especially at lower speeds or in stronger winds it takes time to initiate/end a turn. So, keep the speed up and plan ahead and you'll be fine. The speed envelope of the plane is pretty wide for a beginner's plane which is nice. As already mentioned, the glide is great.
    Things to consider: get a brushless motor right away. Aim for at least a 150 Watt motor that can be used with 3-cell LiPo batteries. Make sure that the diameter of the brushless motor is the same as the included motor (Speed 400). Also, be aware that a different motor cannot be retrofitted once the plane has been assembled. Since weight is not really an issue with this plane, you can get a 2100 mAh 3-cell LiPo and with some throttle management 20+ minute flights can be achieved.
    When the plane gets dinged up it is possible to partially restore the shape of the foam by pouring hot water (~200F) over the deformed area. Likewise, the wings will eventually no longer fit tightly into the fuselage cutouts. Try the hot water trick on the wing roots and if that does not restore a tight fit, just use a couple of strips of masking tape to secure the wings to the fuselage before each flight. Masking tape will not damage the finish of the plane and will come off easily. Any cracks/tears can be repaired with CA and kicker. Elapor foam does not require foam safe CA.
    Kit quality and instructions: You won't find a better engineered kit or a better quality kit for a beginner's plane. Some knock-offs are offered for a few bucks less but don't be deceived, Multiplex kits are truly exceptional and you won't regret it. The instructions are multi-language with lots of illustrations. We built the plane in one evening and decorated the plane with the included decals the following evening. The build was straightforward and very appropriate for a beginner.
    One more thing... if you are serious about getting into R/C, get the EasyStar kit and the radio separately. You will want at least a Hitec Optic 6 or equivalent in order to have room to grow.
    Hope this helps with your decision making.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Wahl, Michael

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    Re: EASYSTAR ARF Reviews

    Violation of truth in advertizing laws?
    I am a rank beginner who's never flown an RC airplane. The video sold me when I saw the "pilot toss the plane and watch it fly straight and level with the controller lying on the ground. Upon opening the box the smell of HIGH quality construction came out of it. This is an impressive model.

    BUT...and it is a HUGE "but"...

    The Easystar caption reads "Brilliant design for First Time RC pilots!" (their exclamation point, not mine)

    The instructions informed me that having an experienced flyer work with me on the first flights was "the most important instruction" in the manual. In addition the plane will only fly as shown in the video AFTER an experienced RC flyer adjusts the flying trim.


    I don't KNOW an experienced flyer and I'm not taking up a nearly $300 plane by myself literally on a wing and a prayer. So NOW I'm ordering the Wing Dragon 4, a much cheaper plane designed for folks like me.

    I'm keeping the Easystar because I should soon become that "experienced" pilot they fail to mention until you receive the plane. I'm sure, at that point. I'll be submitting a five star review.

    anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' with it.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Timmons, William

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    Re: EASYSTAR ARF Reviews

    Easy Trainer !
    Instead of training with traditional balsa model airplanes, a few beginners in our club have learned to fly with the EasyStar ARF Electric RC Airplane. As an instructor, my experience with this model has been excellent. This is simple enough that beginners can completely assemble the model just by following instructions. The EasyStar is easy to launch and so stable, that I even let beginners hand-launch it themselves, with the transmitter in their other hand. It’s large enough that it is easy to see, and it flies well even in a bit of wind. Landings are very easy because there is no noticeable change in flight characteristics from slow flight to a zero-throttle glide. Some modelers have painted their EasyStars to look different from others, and when conditions are just right (dry grass and wind in the right direction) one of our members routinely slides his model on the ground and takes off. Even with more than a quarter-century of RC flying experience, I still find this beginner’s model to be a fun and relaxing flyer.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rogozinsky, Michael

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    Re: EASYSTAR ARF Reviews

    EasyStar - The Best Trainer for Parkflyers (or Anyone)
    This is by far the best trainer aircraft available for the parkflyer crowd. If you don't believe me, have a look at Patrick Plawner's website:

    His conclusion is the same as mine, the EasyStar is a near perfect trainer. It's big! Easy to see in the air. It's easy to repair with CA (Oh, yes; you will crash!).

    The only thing that would make the EasyStar the absolute perfect trainer is an experienced pilot to trim it out and provide some basic instruction. Fortunately, the Academy of Model Aeronautics has a program to connect beginners with experienced pilots. Check it out the Park Pilot Partner program at:
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Talley, Sam

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    Re: EASYSTAR ARF Reviews

    Easystar ARF Electric RC Airplane
    I purchased the kit version for my son about one year ago. He wanted to learn how to fly rc aircraft and was having some problems by purchasing planes that were actually for intermediate to expert pilots. I watched and flew with him for about 6 months trying to encourage him to purchase an Easystar to fly with, but he was being stubborn about it. So I decided to make the purchase myself and give it to him as a gift for learning. Well needless to say once he had it built and I put the trim into it he was flying as though he had been doing it all the time. He was so impressed with its handling and flying characteristics that he still flies it today. It is truely a beginners aircraft and with some help from an old hand at flying you can enjoy the sport of RC flying.

    The kit comes packed in foam with everthing except battery, servos and electronics. It does come with the motor and prop as well as all the hardware needed to put it together. The only thing that was needed in order to make it more responsive in the air was a piece of cardboard added to the rudder to make it turn a bit better. If you do happen to make some bad landings and break something like a wingtip or elevator, 5 minute epoxy, or CA will put it back together in minutes, and then your ready to go again.

    I give this kit a 5 star rating and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to fly.
    If you are in the market to learn how to fly an RC aircraft this kit is one of your best bets.
    Have fun and may the skies always be blue for you.

    Equipment used: 1300 mah battery, HS55 servos, DX6 radio with an AR6000 receiver
    Motor comes with plane.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rick, George

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    Re: EASYSTAR ARF Reviews

    Of all the planes I have purchased during my years of RC flying, I have not found a single plane out there that can match the quality of an Multiplex Easy Star.

    BEGINNERS CHOICE- EASY is the word. Don't waste your money on other products when getting into this hobby. You are going to want something EASY on the wallet, EASY to assemble, EASY to transport, EASY to fly, and EASY to repair. EASY-STAR is the plane for you !!

    DURABLE- This plane can be pile driven into the ground many times before you ever even consider scrapping it. Thanks to Multiplex Elapor, many of your a crashed Easystar repairs can be made right at the field allowing you to get back in the air within minutes.

    UPGRADES- Tired of the gentle flying days? Ready for some speed? Want some aerobatic action? This plane is just begging for you to add an additional carbon rod through the wing, cut in some ailerons, put that Hitec Brushless motor, ESC, and 3S 2100mah Lipo battery. Now go out and put some holes in the sky.

    STILL NOT ENOUGH ?? Throw on the FlyCamOne2 and try following your buddies around the flying field. You will love the results, and will be amazed at how easy it is to produce movies which look like they were made professionally.

    NEED MORE ??? How about adding the HL First Person View (FPV) Onboard camera which gives you the feeling of being in the pilots seat.

    There are so many options for upgrades. It's all up to you. Just use your imagination, or look on your favorite RC website for ideas. You will be amazed at all the things you can do with this incredible plane.

    Order one TODAY!!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Johnson, Michael

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    Re: EASYSTAR ARF Reviews

    Multiplex Easystar
    Very Durable beginner aircraft with a great deal of modification potential and possibilities. It flies great in nearly all conditions and is light enough it can thermal a little. One of my favorites.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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