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Thread: DX7 7CH AIR W/AR7000 & 4-DS821 Reviews

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    DX7 7CH AIR W/AR7000 & 4-DS821 Reviews

    I like my DX7 Radio. It's easy to program and easy to use with a large LCD screen. I bought mine to get into the Spektrum technology. It's a pleasure not o have to pin up anymore when flying.

    However I have had issues with Spektrum and they are not as "bullet proof" as marketed. Initially you feel that not getting getting "hit" or "radio interference" would now be a thing of the past. Not so fast....

    I have had 3 radio lockouts which resulted in total loss of planes. AR6000 receivers were faulty and after much harranging, Spektrum changed my radio and the bad receivers as I no longer had trust in the units I had.

    The other issue is also radio lockout if your rx battery gets below a certain voltage. The rx and tx are supposed to reboot and re acquire their signal. That can take more than a few seconds which in RC terms is a luxury we can ill afford. They do sell a little plug in unit to keep this from happening. Well worth the $5.

    Don't forget this is all electronics and things can still go wrong and they will.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by B, MAT

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    Re: DX7 7CH AIR W/AR7000 & 4-DS821 Reviews

    Spektrum DX7
    The Spektrum DX7 system is now my primary radio. The system has remained rock solid without even the hint of a glitch. That includes tests with large aircraft at the limits of visibility. The new DX7 system has also been extensively field tested by many experienced modelers prior to release. I have run this radio on 30-40 different airplanes - all without a glitch.

    The DX7 system is full range and has no model size or type limits. It eliminates the need for frequency control and there is no concern of causing any frequency conflicts. You can use the DX7 without waiting for your old 72MHz “pin” eliminating frequency conflicts and providing no waiting flying!

    Another fantastic benefit is the short receiver wires. They make installation a snap. Also impressive is the DX7 run time – you will easily be able to fly all day at the field with power to spare.

    The software included on the system is intuitive and very easy to program yet has a rich feature set that most heli and aircraft pilots demand. With 6 programmable mixes it is unlikely you will need something this 7-channel system cannot do.

    I have gained full confidence in the use of this system. I know have so much confidence that it has replaced my primary system – no small task. I am now completely 2.4GHz and I could not be happier. It is clear that 2.4GHz systems are here to stay.

    With the new improved DSM2 technology the DX7 system is noticeably faster – you are totally locked into your airplane. Control is every bit as precise and fast as you find with the any of the high-end systems today. This totally revolutionary technology gives us the RC hobby a bright future.

    * Ease of programming
    * 8 character model names
    * 20-model memory
    * Transmitter battery life
    * No crystals
    * No frequency conflicts and no waiting for the pin
    * Model Match feature
    * 3-Year Warranty

    * Polarity on TX charge port is negative center pin (reverse from all but JR systems; would really prefer an industry standard!)
    * No sliders on channel 6 or 7 - one would be nice
    * Included charger uses low charge rate

    Highly recommended.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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    Re: DX7 7CH AIR W/AR7000 & 4-DS821 Reviews

    My first Tx from Spektrum
    This is my first true Spektrum transmitter and so far it works just fine. I do not like the position of the neck strap attachment point, it needs to be lower like the DX6i. I do wish the menus were a little more user friendly butt it may just be my inexperience with them. I am use to my Futaba 9C so the programming is a little different. I do like the 20 model memory as I have a lot of various planes and the extra memory is nice to have. I do notice a better response over my 9C on 72Mhz.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by slusarczyk, don

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