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Thread: CULARIS (OVERSIZE2) Reviews

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    Built Cularis as a pure glider
    I built the Cularis as a pure glider because I wanted to learn how to fly from a high start. I was very impressed with the kit. A great deal of thought went into the design of the kit. The shipping foam is designed to be a gluing jig for the wings. My wings are true, largely because of the nice jig. I have absolutely no problems with the instructions or the assembly method.

    A note of caution, it is very easy to get CA in the ends of the pushrod tubes in the fuselage. I was not careful and had to work hard to repair the damage I caused. Also, the pros in my club located the CG at least 1/4 inch behind the published CG. I used their location and was very happy.

    The Cularis flew from a winch on its first flight. We tweaked the trims; it flew in a very stable predictable way from the winch. I've flown from a high start as well. It launches in a very stable, predictable way. I have no idea how well it thermals, I haven't had a warm day with thermals since my Cularis was built. One of our club members (who has flown sailplanes in the Nats) was able to thermal his Cularis. He thought that I should have no trouble with mine. I'll try again on some nice warm spring day.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hauber, Wayne

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    Re: CULARIS (OVERSIZE2) Reviews

    A Fantastic Glider
    The Cularis has become one of my favorite flyers! When the wind is up and I'm at the field, so is the Cularis. At first, to me it was a little bit threatening. Hand launching this bird by yourself seems undoable, but it actually launches easily.

    The recommended power system might be just a bit over the top. It showed a weakness in the design as I had what I would term gyrowobblations. I very carefully balanced the Aeronaut prop, checking over and over... not an easy task and then realized this was caused by a gyroscopic effect, more to the side. When it started, the frequency accelerated quickly. While bench testing to figure out what was going on, I was able to get it shut down just in time to not totally rip the nose off. A bit of fiberglass work... glass and thin CA around the nose section and it has been totally solid every since.

    The good part about this power system is the model gets up there VERY fast. I have recorded flights of just above 2200 feet AGL.

    The full house is fantastic. Crow/butterfly allow very quick descents to an easy and short landing. With just a bit of care during landing, even in cross winds, one can put her down and never touch a wing tip. The Cularis is fairly big but very easy to fly. In fact, I believe it's easier to fly than an Easy Glider.

    Transport is a great positive. The wings and elevators have quick release mechanisms. When connecting/disconnecting the wings, the servos are also automatically plugged in or unplugged. I normally transport mine with the elevator on making setup and take down literally a 10 second affair.

    The Cularis shouldn't be considered a hotliner. It does mild acrobatics but should not be put through extremely high G maneuvers. It is a fantastic slope machine and a great video/camera platform. If I ever lose mine (don't all models have an expiration date?), I'll have to replace it with a new one.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hinton, John

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