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Thread: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

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    Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    Twister Co-Axiial heli
    I've had many helis 3D & co-axial (2yrs). Believe label is Perkins for this model. It's about the only one I didn't have to fiddle with before actually flying. Also the one with the most flight time without repairs IMHO.

    I don't think this is just beginner level - actually I'd call it a pre-beginner which is what I was w/heli's.
    Still allot of fun. So controllable, I used to chase dogs & cats with it. Never touched any, but beware one dog jumped and ripped tail off. Glued tail - still has bite marks.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Bent, Bill

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    Great Little Helicopter
    This helicopter is a great little coax. I would highly recommend getting the aluminum upgrade parts for the rotor shafts however, as I've found that little bumps to the blades can result in the pegs (that the rotor blades attach to) being sheared off! The aluminum upgrade solves this issue. Flight times are between 5 and 10 minutes. Definitely make sure you are flying indoors or outside on a completely calm day. Any bit of breeze, and you will not have much control of this, or really any other coaxial helicopter.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hoppes, Matt

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    Twister Co-Axial heli
    I am new to the RC helicopter thing. I really appreciate the ease of control which this helicopter has. It's appearance in person is even better than the pictures you see on-line. When you do crash and break parts ( and I stress the word DO) parts are readily available and easy to install. Be warned though the body of this heli can be rather brittle and break easily when crashed and it's one of the most expensive parts to replace so just tape it up and fly until you get good enough to not crash it. I have upgraded to the aluminum rotor head parts and it flies even better now so I believe they are worth the price to upgrade the heli's stability. I also purchased the Art-Tech EC135 which is listed also as a beginner model but it's proved to be a bit more difficult to master so if your new to RC heli's go with this one.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by LaChance, Robert

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    Rolling takeoffs!
    Very good model for a pilot new to choppers like me - the stability gives you a chance to learn the different control inputs. I think the best thing about it are the wheels because you can land and takeoff without having to hover first. I'm talking about a gym floor of course. The only mod I needed was a bigger screw to keep the tail rotor (looks only) from falling off during flight.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Tensfeldt, Jon

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    Twister US Coast Guard RTF Review
    I received this RTF model as a Christmas present. I've always wanted to try an R/C helicopter and thought this would be the way to try it out without breaking the bank in price. This beginner helicopter is great! I would recommend to stay indoors until you feel totally comfortable with the controls. After practicing, you can hover with no fingers on the controls. I have added lights to my kit for more realism. To avoid the wait on charging times, I would also recommend purchasing a second battery pack. Once you are comfortable with hovering, you can begin moving about to get the feel of the controls in flight. I would recommend a large area to avoid any contact with objects. Keep an extra balance bar and rotor blades on hand. A great beginners model.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Nimax, Dean

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    Never Flew Well
    I bought this for my son and we could never get it to fly correctly. Making any adjustments did not help and eventually after much frustration it was put in the closet never to be taken out. My son and I were both quite disappointed. Perhaps it was flawed, not sure but we tried everything the manual suggested to no avail. The heli would never hover nor stay level and would crash right after takeoff. Trimming and adjusting had little or no effect or wildly effected it. The constant crashing eventually tore up the fuselage and broke all the rotors (spares too). This was our first and most likely last rc helicopter.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by LaRose, Rick

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    It flies, but it's fragile
    This copter flies and hovers well, but with any sort of big bump or mishap, damage is likely. We've already had a problem with the shaft gear, blades, fuselage, and landing gear. I don't think it's for beginners because of this. It would need to be a bit tougher and possibly not as powerful.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Sweiderk, James

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    Great FUN
    I bought this Heli for myself to fly around the house. I was a bit skeptical about the claims of it's flight characteristics, but I was very pleasantly surprised to have the Heli arrive ready to go after charging the battery. It was hovering hands off right out of the box!!! It's a blast to fly indoors and outside (in very light winds). My 15 year old son, who has no RC aircraft experience, was able to start flying around with about 30 minutes of getting used to the controls. I ended up buying another one for him. I highly recommend this Helicopter for anyone interested in getting into the air right away. I also recommend buying an extra battery or two.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Dinkins, Shawn

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    This plane is easy to use, if you are a person who is use to using mario heli's than this is a bit harder to fly, but after a couple of hours of trying to trim the helicopter, and re charge 2 batteries, it gets easy to fly, the back landing gear is extremely brittle because it is not built in its glued on. other than that its a great plane
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Liu, Charles

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    Re: Coast Guard Helicopter w/2.4 Radio Reviews

    Beginners USCG RC Helicopter
    I got this heli for Christmas and it is not that easy to fly. If you lose concentration for only a second the helicopter will go somewhere you don't want it to. I have broken 3 wheels (which are replaced very easily) and have broke the body in 4 different locations. This is really fun to fly but you have to master all the controls. I would not rate this a pre-beginner as it does take a little bit to get used to the controls. It is fun to fly just be very careful. As I get into trouble with it I just shut the motor down and it crashes hard. You need a pretty big indoor area to fly it or very calm weather outside.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Morrison, Gary

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