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Thread: CESSNA 210 CENTURION RTF Reviews

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    be cautious
    fun little plane, flies( not well) in wind, very fragile though, Servos are a little too delicate, don't make this your first plane- remember bigger is easier to fly- get an easy star or supercub for a trainer, this is for good pilots only( no crashes) if you want it to last , don't crash, very fun to fly though.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by runnels, chris

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    Re: CESSNA 210 CENTURION RTF Reviews

    Great starter
    This plane got me started in RC planes last year. After 20+ years sitting on the sidelines I bought one after seeing a few flying indoors. Within 15 mins. I was doing touch-and-gos and having a blast. It's difficult to find any negative opinions of this plane. The only weak spot for me was the prop shaft. I'm on my 3rd gearbox. it doesn't take much of a crash in the nose area to break the shaft. The good thing is every part is available and easy to replace.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Leahey, Todd

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    Re: CESSNA 210 CENTURION RTF Reviews

    cessna 210 centurion by parkzone
    awesome little plane. Perfect for a gym, hangar or windless day. This plane handles beautifully surprisingly quick for a little rudder and elevator plane. Flights will last at least 20 minutes on a charge. If your really into fun get a few friends together and have a cessna combat. These little plane's are almost indestructible. I've had many combat flights and they hold up nicely (It's really neat watching a bunch of parkzone cessna's running into each other in midair). Besides when they do break parts are cheap.
    Now if we could just get Hobby Lobby to sell the parkzone citabria! which is a slower more docile plane. Also fun for combat
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bellows, Brett

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