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Thread: Cessna 182, Almost Ready to Fly Reviews

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    Cessna 182, Almost Ready to Fly Reviews

    Nice plane
    Nice plane, well built. Rudder servo burned up while setting travel, put aileron servos on separate channels, because they go crazy with the "Y" harness. Minor trimming and glueing, a good value.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Morris, Daryl

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    Re: Cessna 182, Almost Ready to Fly Reviews

    Supplied battery doesn't fit compartment
    The battery that comes with the plane is way to large to fit the battery compartment on the plane. Hobby-lobby is aw22are of this but not informing buyers. There is a small link at the bottom of the page with the plane video that says "Art Tech Cessna Battery Box Modification PDF Instruction Manual", I don't think anyone would see it, I had to call to find out what the deal was and that's where they told me to go. You have to modify the battery box to get the battery to fit and it is a pain to do. Even then the battery fits in very tight and is really hard to pull back out. Hobby-Lobby should stand up and send buyers out the correct sized battery for the plane.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Gould, Curt

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    Re: Cessna 182, Almost Ready to Fly Reviews

    Great Scale Model on a Budget
    This cessna is a must for any scale enthusiast on a budget. It's got those classic Cessna flight characteristics and looks, with an R/C 4-channel trainer vibe. Assembly is quick and easy: a bit of glue to assemble the tail, assemble the landing gear, pop in your receiver, set your radio up and go flying! If your radio has the capability, I would recommend mixing a bit of rudder in with the aileron control to add performance and realistic flying characteristics.

    Now to some of the finer points of this model. I would have given it five stars, however there were a few mods I had to make to it as to make it ready to fly. The most surprising mod I had to make was to enlarge the battery compartment (located on the underside of the fuselage) in order to accept the battery that ships with this model. The battery was too long to fit in the compartment, and I did not want to velcro it inside the top portion of the model, so I elongated the battery compartment with a Dremel tool towards the aft portion of the model. It was quick and easy and now the battery fits nicely into the intended compartment.

    As you'll find with most imported models, the instruction manual has some humorous nuggets in it from a grammar perspective. I have to say that besides some deficiencies in grammar, it is very well written. Here is a QUICK TIP on the installation of your receiver though: The manual assumes that the receiver/radio is included with the model and doesn't cover installation of your receiver. BEFORE you glue the tail section in place, plan out where you want to run the antenna for your model. I mistakenly glued the tail together and realized that I didn't have anywhere for my receiver's antenna to exit the model. Therefore, I ended up running it out through the landing gear access holes and affixing it to the underside of the fuselage running aft. Seeing as I don't plan on re-using my receiver, I would have probably run the antenna out of the back first before gluing the tail section in place.

    So, all in all...a fantastic model at a GREAT price! You might need to make a few modifications here and there, but it's nothing even the most novice RC-er can't handle. HOpe this review helps!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Turkovic, Alex

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