Graupner Folding Cam Propellers
Upon finding too much confusion in shopping for folding props,I have found a person truly gets what they pay for. With Graupner, however, you get even more. tolerances well inside of.0004", the collet has a 'tight' slip fit, and if you have ever struggled with line up of the attach screws at the blade's hub, you will not struggle here, either. the first full turn of the screw's self thread, will have the same amount of tension (torque required to bottom the screw) as the bottoming turn.
And of course, there could be another problem area, which is the freedom of the blades to fold. once again, the graupner engineers really spent time getting it right. There is full freedom of 'fold' with no sloppy rattling in the joint.
What about balancing? I found that my personal error in removing too much at first application of 600 grit paper, enough to break the 'flash' of the molds center line was too much. there is : A) less than .0005" of flash, and
B) the smallest out of balance condition I have ever seen, using 10 plus other manufacturers. These results have been consistent with the 3 diameters I have used as of this date.
I am a Graupner Customer, period. Johnny
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Borlaug, John