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    Alfa Bristol Beaufighter Review
    My eZone review:

    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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    Very nice kit
    I actually purchased this kit from a HL competitor at a reduced price. But when I received it, I knew why the price was cheaper. The tail section had broken clean off from the rest of the fuselage. Nice work HC, won't be getting any more planes from you anytime soon. From now on, only Alfa Models planes from HL.
    Anyhow, after repairing the tail section with a few strips of balsa and epoxy, every thing looks good to go. One warning though. If you're going with the HL recommendation on motors, they push the Esskay 400 XT, which is too long for the cowling by approximately 5 mm. So, I went with two Scorpian 2208/34 motors and they fit perfect!. No rubbing on the inside of the cowling, great fit and finish overall. Using two 18 amp TBird ESCs, probably could have gone with a 12 amp Atlas set though, even turning 9x4.7 SF props. I also added a working rudder, which works awesome. I will now add working rudders to my other 3 Alfa Models kits.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Pickering, Blake

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    Alfa Beaufighter Review
    When I saw that Alfa was entering the twin market, my heart skipped a beat! I enjoy twin planes a great deal and I am a certified scale airplane nut with war birds being my favorite. I always look for planes that are not commonly modeled and this certainly fits that category. The Bristol Beaufighter from Alfa is an excellent plane; distinguished looking, a great flyer - it makes a perfect addition to their fine war bird line.

    Assembly is easy and straightforward.

    The Bristol Beaufighter flies very well with the s300 brushed motor system. The flying characteristics are a bit different than the other Alfa planes. While it has no bad habits in flight, this larger ship requires power in the turns and not too much elevator input.

    I highly recommend the optional rudder addition, and instructions are included. It is a very easy modification and the rudder is so effective in flight that the model does magnificent rudder only turns.

    Alfa continues to impress me as they release more models. The paint and finish on the Beaufighter is amazingly flawless. I do not know how they can give the planes such detail and still keep the overall cost down!

    I absolutely love British war planes. They all tend to be unique with interesting lines. The short nose distinct to the Beaufighter gives this bird an unmistakable look. The Alfa Beaufighter is a beauty and a remarkable scale plane!

    Excellent looks
    Short assembly time
    Stellar flight performance
    Light weight for a twin
    Flies great on the brushed system!

    Battery hatch hard to secure
    Wing joiner too tight in spar box
    The Alfa Model Bristol Beaufighter Twin Scale ARF is a fantastic plane and a wonderful addition to the Alfa war bird line. Twin fans, this is a must have
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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