Great plane
After waiting for half a year after the announcement in the AMA journal the model finally made it to the US and I bought one together with the companion motor/controller/folding prop option in Dec 2008. Mutliplex models are usually very well engineered and the Blizzard is no exception. This model takes a bit more effort to complete compared to other Multiplex models because the molded foam wing requires external reinforcements in the form of glass stringers that are glued into grooves on the wing surface. It takes patience and some skill not to CA your fingers onto the wing or mess up the pristine wing surface with CA as you alternately glue and kick while pushing down the glass stringers. The rest of the installation is a piece of cake. To harden the foam surface against dents I put down a thin layer of MinWax Polyacrylic (from spray can). Then I spray painted the model using Krylon Fusion (for plastic) - two thin coats are plenty in order to keep weight down. In fact, the Blizzard is not exactly a lightweight air plane to begin with, especially when used with the electric motor option. Don't expect unlimited thermaling. Also, keep up the speed at all times especially when turning on final approach. But the main purpose of the plane is to fly fast. And for that the plane is well motorized with thrust-to-weight greater than one. At high speed the plane flies like being on rails. The prop limits horizontal speed, so max speed is achieved with the prop folded on a dive. We used a radar gun to clock a top speed of 102 mph. Overall, the Blizzard is very capable, yet at a very reasonable cost with widely available spare parts. 5-stars.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Wahl, Michael