The next best thing to flying the real thing
If your urge is to fly a tandem helicopter, here's your chance. it's modeled after the Boeing CH-46, Sea knight also flown my the US Navy and Marines. It shares the same solid stability as the mCX with twice the power. It's a bit more sluggish in the yaw axis and won't do the same blazing pirouettes as the mCX, and it tends to skid quite a bit in turns, so slow down and initiate your turn long before you get too close to the living room wall, but turns are still very scale-like and all the other control responses are similar to the mCX in nature. I have discovered another benefit of having all that power reserve, it will lift 5 gram plastic military vehicles, suspended by sewing thread tied to the battery holder with ease and still give me more than 5 mins. of flying time, this drives my 4 yo grandson wild, it's just like he sees on the documentaries of some military operations.
I give this product 4 stars. Review by Lee, Tom