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Thread: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

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    Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    Blade mCX 300C
    This was my 1st micro heli & its a winner. Great micro machine, I have had about 30 flights. Its easy to fly. Highly recommended. No crash landings, no damage.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Joe

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    Re: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    Great value; Easy to fly
    This is an amazing little heli for any beginner or anyone looking for some indoor flight time to pass the winter months. I have used mine extensively and couldn't ask for a better value. It is also fairly crash proof given how light it is!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Dean

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    Re: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    Rock solid hoover
    The Blade Mx S300C micro is the most stable micro I have flown to date, it practically hoovers hands-off for long periods. Vertical control is quite easy to master and so is lateral flight. The main rotors drive train sounds very smooth and to top it all off, it's cute scale features doesn't hurt. The only thing that didn't work all the time is the tail rotor, which is suppose to spin in the main rotors wash, but only rotated when the helicopter was on the ground, once it got airborne, it stopped spinning, a minor flaw, but it sure would have add a lot to it's realism to see the tail rotor spinning in flight.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Lee, Tom

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    Re: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    A great pint size whirlybird
    I took the MCX S300C out of the box, bind it to my transmitter and off I went hovering. A very stable heli, just right for the beginner. It's so stable in the hover in fact, that it sacrifices some forward speed. But, the speed is just right for the first timer to maintain control without hitting the walls. The cute scale appearance doesn't hurt either. I have since dressed up mine with scale parts from MIA.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Lee, Tom

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    Re: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    Blade mCX Schweizer 300 RTF Micro Heli
    The mCX Schweizer 300C RTF gets my highest recommendation for the beginner helicopter pilot. It flies just as great as the original mCX but looks even better with the scale body features. Using the optional white lower blades and dark upper main blades even enhances the sale appearance further. I have had several non RC pilots with no experience hover this helicopter with no instruction and then safely fly it around the room with just a minimum of instruction while they were flying. The small size makes this the perfect helicopter to fly in a small home or apartment as you aren't worried about constantly running out of room as you fly. It gives precise handling in all directions and with practice can easily be flown over and under tables. As one learns how to completely control their Schweizer 300C they are learning the same control movements required for other larger outdoor helicopters should the pilot want to progress to bigger and faster helicopters.
    It flies so well a pilot may be tempted to buy extra batteries and just swap them as one is discharged. I strongly recommend that pilots allow they motors to cool between flights. I have found that to work well with my mCX copter which is mechanically the same. I do use extra batteries but I give the motor a few minutes to cool down if they have gotten warm. For flying in your home a beginner won't be disappointed with this helicopter and they will see their skill level in handling improve quickly as this helicopter has true hobby level quality.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Heer, Michael

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    Re: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    The Blade mCX Schweizer 300C RTF micro heli Delivers the Goods
    This new helicopter is new in appearance only. It is based on the electronics on the very successful and great flying Blade mCX that was released last year. The Schweizer is a micro scale helicopter that both looks and flies great! The new Schweizer has a scale body and several small parts that makes the tail boom look much more scale. It retains the great flight control of the original mCX. It can be flown by a complete beginner with hover being obtained by simply applying the appropriate amount of throttle to lift off and then throttling back slightly to hover after initial climb. Thanks to the counter rotating co-axial blades it hovers in one spot with only a little pilot input needed to keep it over one spot. Moving the left stick to either side will cause the Schweiser to piroutte in either direction. The right stick controls forward and backward movement as well as to the right or left side. Complete control for the pilot.

    The optional lower white main blades is a nice addition and adds to the scale appearance of the helicopter while leaving the upper blades black. This is an excellent helicopter for the beginner and can easily be flown in a small house or apartment. It is intended for indoor flying but can be flown outdoors in complete calm. Replacement parts are available if needed. With the 2.4GHz DSM2 transmitter a good number of these can be flown together without radio interference. Despite the small size this is a hobby grade helicopter that allows for complete control by the pilot. As the pilot learns the control and directional control becomes second nature the pilot becomes ready to advance to a helicopter with a working tail rotor if that is desired. Even if that happens the Schweiser will remain a popular helicopter for indoor flying. My only caution is if you buy multiple batteries you still need to allow the motors to cool down for a few minutes between flights to allow for long motor life. As stated in the title: This heli delivers the goods!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Heer, Michael

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    Re: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    Wonderful little heli
    I have and love the original Blade mcx and couldn't resist to buy this scale marvel. It`s very well thought and proportions really look like the Schweitzer 300. It also has little but welcome new features, like the new battery plug cover design, making it easier to find the right contact position.
    As the original one, it`s VERY stable and easy to fly (actually it feels even easier), and the looks are gorgeous. I have a lot of fun flying in my small living room. I strongly recommend it as a perfect starter for beginners or even a fun heli for advanced pilots when the weather turns ugly. I`m just hoping that E-flite comes up with other scale versions, like my favorite one, the Bell-47.
    My 8 year old son inherited the old yellow ship and happily flies it around =)
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Matheus, Alceu

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    Re: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    Blade MCX S3000 review
    It is really fun and easy to fly. I live in a small apartment and fly it around the rooms without any problem. I have the Blade MCX early version ELFH2200 and I think that this is even easier an stable to fly. Very good job you guys at Hobby-Lobby.
    Enrique Trincado, Vina del Mar, Chile
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Trincado, Enrique

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    Re: Blade mCX S300 BNF Reviews

    Fantastic Little Heli
    This little heli is fantastic for beginners. I had only flown the toy heli's with two and three channels prior to picking up this little wonder. At first I had a bit of a difficult time getting used to the controls but by the third flight I was in command. A few flights later and I was flying backwards and doing other neat tricks. I cant wait to pick up my next Blade. I think I'm ready for a MSR. My only warning is watch out it highly addicting. Your gonna want a whole fleet.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rogers, Liko

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