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Thread: Blade CX3 MD-520N RTF Heli

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    Blade CX3 MD-520N RTF Heli

    it is the worst chopper ever to land on earth totally uncontrollable and swings about like crazy, the most
    f....... rubbish chopper ever.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by karbasi, elshad

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    Re: Blade CX3 MD-520N RTF Heli

    This is the beginning helicopter everyone should start with.
    I knew helicopters were going to be hard,and with that said,this is a great beginner's model.Once you get it trimmed ,while in a low hover, it's quite fun.It's a real challenge and it just takes time.I've had mine for a month and I'm able to hover,turn the tail and fly forward for 8 feet or so. What a blast! Although I do have r/c experience, flying r/c sailplanes, this is a real challenge and I'll be flying it soon.
    So if you're up for the challenge this is the one for you!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Carstensen, Allan

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    Re: Blade CX3 MD-520N RTF Heli

    Reset the
    I have a Walkera made ''M.A.S.H." ( not to be confused with the Twister Bell -47 medic Chopper) sold through Hobby People that actually flies better than this one. I think the reason is the so-called 'heading lock gyro'' that is the culprit. It is constantly trying to hold the tail that it makes the heli swing, and it is a bit hard to control. I lowered the "gain" setting and it is a bit less twichy. It takes many times to reset that dial because you don't want to turn too much on that dial at one time. Got to love the scale canopy. I am extremely happy with the service I got from Hobby-Lobby, the packaging is first class.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Landauer, Timothy

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    Re: Blade CX3 MD-520N RTF Heli

    Blade CX3 review
    The bad: Has some twitching in the tail during flight but nothing that is distracting to flying it. Body a little thin and the battery is difficult to insert and remove.

    The good: Hovers well and hs plenty of power for its size. Take off is smooth and forward flight is adaquite for its size. Handles well outdoors in a slight breeze. The rotor blades are the same as the Twister helicopters so replacements are easy to get.

    Overall a fun helicopter to fly.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by crosson, robert

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    Re: Blade CX3 MD-520N RTF Heli

    excellent helicopter. great value for money.

    The Good: nice body, excellent 2.4 GHz radio that is the same as the DX5e. excellent flight time. heading lock gyro. strong blades.

    The Bad: body is too thin, battery is hard to fit in.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by karbasi, elshad

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