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Thread: Blade CX3 BNF Reviews

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    Blade CX3 BNF Reviews

    CX3 performance is bad
    No doubt CX3 has heading lock gyro, but its performance is unacceptable. I tried my best to set it to hover at a point but failed. Out of the box heli needs lots of adjustment and is thus needs experience. Landing skids and battery holder are so delicate, they easily break during setting adjustments and trial flying. Performance of mCX is far superior to MCX3.

    Settings keep drifting and need continuous adjustments. 3 in 1 controller is also very delicate.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Bhargava, Alok

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    Re: Blade CX3 BNF Reviews

    MD-520N Heli
    This Helicopter can be flown outside in a calm wind as much as 1 mi.
    You do have to give more throw in the linkage for, forward motion, be very aware of any wind.
    While flying at about 35-40 foot up be aware of any unstable movement in flying.
    I try and fly two Batteries every morning before the wind comes up. I have flown this heli over my Ham Radio tower that is 125 foot high so I had to be at least 150 foot or more up. I do have the DX7 radio for this heli not the radio that comes with it. I was told the radio that comes with it, is a short range radio and it could fly away. If it flew out of range. Just check with dealer on range of radio, the DX7 is a full range radio I was told. Happy flying.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Gauthier, Gerald

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