very nice intermediate helo, for indoor use or NO wind days outside
Im slightly torn on this rating. It is a very nice, stable helo. When they say it can be flown outside in little wind, they mean very little, as in no wind. Even the smallest breeze will take it for a spin. A gentle gust you better be well ready for. It is best for inside flight. The problem is the size, it is really too big to fly in the house. It would take a very large room to do anything other than hover, or very slow flight. This is a pretty quick helo, especially for indoors. It is quite steady, if you are moving from a co-axial this is a good step. Advanced flyers might not like the stability. It does have a habit of self correcting to level flight, even when you dont want it to. The battery life isnt bad, i get about 6 minutes of flight time. You can actually fly about 8 minutes, but you will quickly ruin your battery doing it. Dont be fooled by the fact this is on the beginner page. If you have never flown a r/c helo before start with a co-axial. Both your skill and your wallet will be better off. I would have given this four stars if it were heavy enough to fly outside on a normal TN day.
I give this product 3 stars. Review by hester, chad