New power for an old dinosaur.
I bought this motor to power an old SIG Kadet Mk 2 someone gave me (not finished). This airplane is a pig at 5 pounds (18.7 oz/sq.foot wing loading) I overpropped it with a wood 12x8 wide airscrew. I used two 3s 2200 lipos hooked parallel to power the motor with a eRc 45 amp ESC. This combo draws 38 amps at 12.1 volts. 460 watts of power. It blew everything off my workbench where it was tested.

I took it out to maiden and the airplane lifted off the ground effortlessly. It flew wonderful. with plenty of power and absolutely silent. I will try to fly it on 4 lipo cells next--- I landed the plane well before the batteries went down. that motor wasn't even warm.. Definetly a wonderfull .25-.40 glow motor replacement.

This motor came with everything I needed to mount it. Very high quality, smooth and strong motor. love it. I'm going to try a 480 in a 25 oz. biplane next. This Hobby-Lobby shopper is very happy with this product.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Cyliax, Jim