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Thread: BIG EC-135 R/C HELICOPTER, RTF Reviews

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    BIG EC-135 R/C HELICOPTER, RTF Reviews

    EC-135 Heli
    PRO> Heli files well and is reasonably easy to fly
    CON> Parts break easily in crashes. It takes a very long time to get parts. It is quite difficult to disassemble the heli to make repairs(without breaking foam or flimsy plastic parts). Landing gear is weak and small.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by k, steve

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    Re: BIG EC-135 R/C HELICOPTER, RTF Reviews

    EC-135 more limber than I expected.
    I bought the EC-135, as a beginner's aircraft. I had flown Helllcats (inverted) on my PC, and wanted to"get real." This EC-135 seemed like a good way to start. I tried tofly it outdoors, with no success. I took it indoors, and every time I'd just about get it off the coffee table, it would flop to the left. I added about 3 oz of weight to the right front skid, and it would fly, but with no control. I took the plastic upper-body off and discovered that a screw had fallen out of the lower rotor tiebar. No wonder it had no control.

    Well, that's a bummer, BUT.....Hobby Lobby have been really good about providing support. I just asked for replacement screws, but they have offered to replace the parts that I broke in the course of finding the underlying problem. I'd probably give the copter a 4 rating...4.5 if it flew right out of the box. The body's a bit less than I'm used to from RC planes ( thin plastic, not styrofoam), but the mechanics are amazing. I'd give Hobby Lobby a 5.0 out of 5.

    I saw one review that gave a low rating to the EC-135 landing skids. Mine took quite a beating in a dozen hard crashes. No landing skid failures. Maybe that reviewer was just unlucky, as I was with the screws.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Stewart, John

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    Re: BIG EC-135 R/C HELICOPTER, RTF Reviews

    EC135 helicopter
    I bought this helicopter in December 08 and by now it has flown about 40-50 times. The helicopter is relatively easy to fly and HL's claim that it flies 6-7 minutes on a charge is very accurate. Before I bought it I was a bit skeptical because it uses "old-fashioned" brushed motors but it performs surprisingly good none the less. I've tried to fly it outdoors once but a slight breeze proved to be too much for this little fellow. In the winter here in Canad it's too cold anyway to be outdoors so this helicopter allows me to enjoy RC flying while staying in the comfort and warmth of my living room or basement.

    - Only for indoor flying unless completely wind still.
    - Probably hard to repair. Haven't crashed mine yet so I don't really know.
    - Brushed motors aren't as efficient as brushless would have been.
    - Instruction manual is written in Chinglish.

    - It's easy to fly and very stable compared to other similar sized helis that I've seen.
    - HL's claim that it flies 6-7 minutes on a charge is very accurate.
    - Looks great and scale in the air.
    - Comes complete and ready to fly. All you need is a set of 8 AA-batteries for the transmitter.
    - Good "bang for the buck." Considering the price, it's a very good model.
    - Once it's "retired" it will look awesome hanging from the ceiling in my son's room and the transmitter/receiver can easily be used for another model.
    - You simply can't beat Hobby-Lobby customer service. The models may not be the cheapest on the net but worth every cent when it comes to customer support.

    Best regards
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Stephen

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    Re: BIG EC-135 R/C HELICOPTER, RTF Reviews

    The helicopter looks really nice. Charge the battery and 8 AA batteries in transmitter and you are ready to fly. No assembly is required. I have never flown a rc helicopter and found it somewhat easy to hover with the helicopter facing away from me. After three flights I am able to hover almost every time without crashing, not bad for only 15 minutes of total time. The battery takes about 2 hours to charge and the charge only lasts for about 6-7 minutes of hover time. I am sure it would last a couple minutes longer if i was flying it instead of hovering. IT goes fwd, backwards and sideways very well. For 100 bucks I think it is a good deal. I revived it only after three days of ordering it by UPS. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars and not five is because of the battery charge life. Other than that, it is a five!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by nelson, david

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