Alfa ME-109
All the Alfa Models warbirds I've seen and owned (owned three) are beautiful in appearance and have flown very well.
This 109 is no different, and I wish all foam aircraft looked as good as the Alfa Models do.
The gluing job concerning the joints of the lite ply to the foam fuse is poorly done yet easily modified.
The supplied decals are a work of art. Be careful applying them and follow the directions regarding their application precisely.
Flight performance, with a Hacker A20 with 4:1 gearbox and a Thunder Power 3S 2100mah battery was frankly incredible.Wow does this ship haul the mail, and 10 minute flight times with very little concern over throttle modulation are routine.
There's no way, if you like hot flying warbirds, this aircraft doesn't deserve a 5 start rating.
However, there are some negatives.
This is my third one, and each and every time I've tried to purchase a routine part for an Alfa aircraft still in production and in stock (elevator, spinner, wing ) it has been a major hassle with long back-orders, phone messages gone un-returned, e-mails going un-returned after the initial acknowledgment of receipt of the customer service request, etc.
This latest hassle was eventually addressed over a spinner. David, like all the people I have talked to was very courteous.
Still, we're looking at a part that will be in in appx 3 weeks after an issue first addressed several weeks ago. After all that, I get the invoice for the spinner, and guess what ? It was for an FW-190 spinner instead of the ME-109 one needed. Sigh.
I really wanted to buy the Alfa P-51B and the tan 109 , but I just don't see how that would be a good decision based on my experiences to date.
I give this product 3 stars. Review by Benton, Doug