Very nice Bf 109 F ARF
Built the plane up very quickly, approximately two afternoon's, but I take my time and also apply 2 coats of Future Clear Acrylic to the entire aircraft prior to placing decals, as they seem to respond better to a glossy finish, and also to seal/protect the very nice scale paint job that Alfa Models has produced.
Running a CC Thunderbird 18 amp ESC, 9x6 APC slow flyer prop, Scorpion 2208/34 brushless outrunner, Rhino LiPo 1550 mah, two Hitech HS-55 servos, also place a HL pilot figure into the cockpit - perfect fit - repainted to appear more like a North Africa Luftwaffe pilot (Product# SIR312). Watt meter says that at full power I am pulling up to 14 amps, and around 150 watts. Plenty of power. With a two cell LiPo of roughly the same mah range, and a 10x6 slow flyer prop, pulling less than 10 amps at around 100 watts. Still has plenty of power.
Mounting the motor was a little tedious, but do-able.
Plane fly's beautifully and looks perfect.
Hightly recommended set up.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Pickering, Blake