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Thread: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

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    Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    Bellanca Decathlon
    I bought this second from Hobby Lobby. This is a great trainer. Nice three channel plane . I have had some really funny crashes , but with a little glue and tape still flying.. Dave!!!!!!!!
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Abella, David

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    I got this plane a few months ago as my very very very first plane! Having never flown before this plane seemed like the perfect one! The night before my first day flying, I went to a hobby store to see if they had an extra battery for this plane. He asked, "Do you have the red one or the yellow one?" I responded with saying I got the red one. With my luck he responded by telling me how bad this plane is and that it will never fly! That totally ruined my day! Well the next day I went to fly it with my friend who has been flying for 10 years and he got it up in the air for me and then I took over the controls. This plane flies so easily!!!!!!!! I would highly recommend this plane to anyone who is looking to get into this hobby! I cannot emphasize on how easy this plane is to fly! Don't listen to people who say that this plane is impossible to fly. Take it from me, it's a breeze to fly and you'll always want to bring it out for a nice relaxing fly!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Janatsch, Max

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    Bellanca Decathalon
    Great trainer and easy to fly. Battery seems to last about 10 minutes. After that, controls will start to get a little erratic. One negative thing about the plane is the landing gear. It's very flimsy and won't take much of a beating at all.

    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Wardell, Jeff

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    Beginner....with some experience
    I personally think that this plane is better suited for somebody who has a little experience with R/C planes. With the propeller in the front of the plane and the landing gear, there is a lot that can go wrong with a first time flyer, trust me. I had a difficult time getting the plane trimmed out correctly so whenever I was not touching any controls, the plane wanted to climb, stall, and roll out of control and then it was a nose dive straight down with a broken plane as a result. This could be a result of my inexperience with building and setting up the plane or it could be my lack of skills with regards to recovering after the plane goes out of control.

    Overall, the package is easy to get ready to fly and I think its a great plane....just for someone who already has a bit of flying experience.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Swafford, Nick

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    Great Trainer
    Despite anyone's minor or major mishaps with this plane, it as proven itself to worthy to be called a trainer. However, there really is just 1 small problem: the landing gear. I don't mean it doesn't work from stock, but I do want to say it's pretty flimsy at times, especially when lading in minutely tall grass. If you prefer grass over pavement at times then bending the landing gear slightly forward may help.

    The prop comes pretty tough from stock. Having 2 of them is a great upper hand if ever needed. When taking off from ground, a slight bit of right rudder is recommended for a straight and true take-off. In the air, this bird requires little or no trimming depending how careful you assemble the elevator and rudder. Take your time! Getting back to i-the-air, the Decathlon is perfectly balanced with the battery installed. From 20' off the ground, full throttle, an level flying, the Decathlon can perform a well rounded loop on a fresh battery. It can fly ok inverted but requires some up elevator. With enough altitude, it will do a not-so-prefect but nonetheless roll. I recommend practicing figure 8's and landing flight patterns in an area with enough landing room for the first few flights if you are new or not familiar with the plane. If you are new, a rule of thumb is always use little control movements when flying if you didn't already know that.

    Landing was smooth, level, and slowed down and stopped within 30'. The landing gear tended to be flimsy and make the airplane sway, but worked. You will notice in the Hobby-Lobby video that the plane landed dipping it's right wing. It's a little common when you fly it yourself.

    Overall, this bird is a 5/5!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by lilly, lonnell

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    Spend a little more and get an Easy Star RTF
    Its a fun little plane but its a bit under powered. The battery life is marginal at best. I'm trying to put two battery packs in parallel to increase the flying time, its just too short. Another complaint is the durability. The landing can make or break this thing...literally. Even with a moderate landing the motor mount came loose from the foam and the prop was cocked sideways. I highly recommend taking off the landing gear when flying at a grass field. The gear was ripped right out of the Styrofoam the 2nd time i flew it and it didn't even land hard. It's a good model for the price but the durability is a bit lacking. I got this model for my brother as his first RC plane (wish i got him an easy star) and it was shipped with a dead rudder servo. Fortunately Hobby Lobby came though and sent me a replacement servo with no questions asked! They didn't even ask for the old one back, what service! You can't beat that.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by The Pizza Guy

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    Bellanca Decathlon
    This aircraft looks great and flies pretty well for the price. It could however use a little better durability. It is a good size for transporting in small cars and is big enough to handle a decent breeze.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    The Bellanca Decathalon 480 RTF suited me for the use of the product. The Decathalon is a good product for a beginner flyer. The only thing that might be a problem is the foam. The foam in this plane is not very strong, and when I brought it down for a landing the wing tipped over and was the first thing to hit the ground. Then the nose hit the ground hard. The Rubber Bands that held the wing on ripped through the foam on the wing, and there is now a crack about 2 inches in. Also, the nose of the plane almost cracked off, and the spot where the wind shield meets the nose was cracked all the way through. Also, the battery in the plane has to be moved around a lot to balance the plane. The Plane is good for a beginner that really concentrates when they fly, and they know that the plane is not a toy.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Gordon, Adam

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    Bellanca Decathlon 480 review for product review contest
    The Bellanca Decathlon 480 is a good beginners airplane and has a nice appearance. The transmitter controls are nicely arranged and the airplane is easy to fly. Construction of the plane is very easy for beginners. It would be nice to see stronger foam in the fuselage so the plane would hold up better in crashes-especially since beginners are still learning about flying.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Janecka, Matthew

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    Re: Bellanca Decathlon RTF Reviews

    Great Basic Trainer
    After nearly 35 years out of RC flying I purchased the Decathlon as a tool to re-learn RC the right way, from scratch. This was my first electric powered plane and the first foam plane. The box arrived from Hobby Lobby packaged better than expected and immediately began reading the instruction booklet to better understand the construction and electric power package which I understood very little about.
    The instruction booklet was written for beginners and provided me with enough information to get started and fly this plane and the encouragement to learn more. The plane was simple to assemble and soon after charging the batteries I walked to a vacant lot near my home to begin flight training.
    With the plane balanced per the book and the controls checked as indicated I was ready to fly. The field was pretty rough so I attempted a hand launch which was exciting as I attempted to transition from launcher to pilot, fortunately the electric power supplied is quite enough to get altitude as I acquired the stick. My first impression was the speed this plane moved under electric power. I pulled the throttle back and what seemed to be a long time, was able to gain control of the plane before it departed the airspace as I began flying circles around the 5 acre field and trying to fly level.
    As the battery ran out I found myself flying a glider and was very surprised at how stable it was and actually easier to control without power, landing was spectacular but level, leaving the only damage contained to the landing gear and battery access door assembly.
    Because I wanted to continue flying at this field I decided not to use the landing gear and this proved to prevent further damage to this area of the plane. As a note, it is with the reattachment of the plastic hatch that I learned which CA glue to use on foam, be careful.
    In conclusion, the Decathlon sustained some type of damage on every flight either by my inexperience or the rough terrain. I found foam construction very easy to repair and learned valuable information from every flight both at the pilot level and with construction techniques. After about 10 flights I added the ailerons and took this fantastic trainer to another level.
    I have recommended this plane to many newcomers to RC flying and will keep it around just as a fun plane to fly even with all the scars.

    Bob Harris
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Harris, Robert

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